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Yamaha AW2816 Update Manual page 2

Yamaha aw2816 audio mixers: release note
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8. Hold down the [UTILITY] key, and turn on the
power of the AW2816. At start-up, the new
version number "Mixer CPU version: x.xx" (the
upper line of the two-line display) will appear.
After checking the version number, verify that
the AW2816 operates correctly.
Using an external CD-RW drive
1. With the power of the AW2816 and the external
CD-RW drive turned off, connect the SCSI cable.
2. Insert the update CD-ROM into the external CD-
RW drive.
3. Follow steps 3–8 of [Using the internal CD-RW
4. Turn off the power of the external CD-RW drive,
and disconnect the SCSI cable.
Error messages
If one of the following error messages appears
during the system update procedure, please turn off
the power.
"OS File Not Found! Turn the system off."
• Make sure that the OS update CD-ROM is
inserted in the drive.
• It is possible that the SCSI drive connected to the
AW2816 has not been recognized.
- Make sure that the power is on for all SCSI
- Make sure that the SCSI ID for all SCSI drives
is set correctly.
- Make sure that the configuration and
connections of the SCSI cables are
- Make sure that termination is set
appropriately for the last drive in the SCSI
• It is possible that there is a problem with the
CD-ROM inserted in the drive. Check whether
the surface of the disc is scratched or dusty.
"Internal Error!"
• Try repeating the update procedure several
If this message is displayed repeatedly, it may be
necessary to service the hardware. Yamaha will
perform the system update for a fee. Please
contact a nearby Yamaha dealer or service