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Yamaha AI8 Owner's Manual Page 3

Analog input box.
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• Do not place a container with liquid or small metal
objects on top of this unit. Liquid or metal objects
inside this unit are a fire and electrical shock hazard.
• Do not allow water to enter this unit or allow the unit
to become wet. Fire or electrical shock may result.
• Connect this unit's power cord only to an AC outlet of
the type stated in this Owner's Manual or as marked
on the unit. Failure to do so is a fire and electrical
shock hazard.
• Do not scratch, bend, twist, pull, or heat the power
cord. A damaged power cord is a fire and electrical
shock hazard.
• Do not place heavy objects, including this unit, on top
of the power cord. A damaged power cord is a fire and
electrical shock hazard. In particular, be careful not to
place heavy objects on a power cord covered by a car-
• If you notice any abnormality, such as smoke, odor, or
noise, or if a foreign object or liquid gets inside the
unit, turn it off immediately. Remove the power cord
from the AC outlet. Consult your dealer for repair.
Using the unit in this condition is a fire and electrical
shock hazard.
• Should this unit/AC adapter/power supply be
dropped or the cabinet be damaged, turn the power
switch off, remove the power plug from the AC outlet,
and contact your dealer. If you continue using the unit
without heeding this instruction, fire or electrical
shock may result.
• If the power cord is damaged (i.e., cut or a bare wire is
exposed), ask your dealer for a replacement. Using the
unit with a damaged power cord is a fire and electrical
shock hazard.
• Do not remove the unit's cover. You could receive an
electrical shock. If you think internal inspection,
maintenance, or repair is necessary, contact your
• Do not modify the unit. Doing so is a fire and electri-
cal shock hazard.
• When rack-mounting the unit, allow enough free
space around the unit for normal ventilation. This
should be: 10 cm at the sides, 15 cm behind, and 30
cm above.
• For normal ventilation during use, remove the rear of
the rack or open a ventilation hole.
• If the airflow is not adequate, the unit will heat up
inside and may cause a fire.
• This unit has ventilation holes at the top, bottom, and
rear to prevent the internal temperature rising too
high. Do not block them. Blocked ventilation holes
are a fire hazard.
• Hold the power cord plug when disconnecting it from
an AC outlet. Never pull the cord. A damaged power
cord is a potential fire and electrical shock hazard.
• Do not touch the power plug with wet hands. Doing
so is a potential electrical shock hazard.
• The digital circuits of this unit may induce a slight
noise into nearby radios and TVs. If noise occurs,
relocate the affected equipment.
• XLR-type connectors are wired as follows: pin 1:
ground, pin 2: hot (+), and pin 3: cold (–).
Rack Mounting Caution
If the unit is rack mounted and transported regularly,
for example, when on a tour, we recommend that the
rear of the unit be supported by fitting a pair metal
brackets, one each side. The following drawing pro-
vides the information necessary to make such brack-
Note that only one bracket is shown here and the
bracket for the other side must be bent in the opposite
4- ø 6.5
t = 1.6


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