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Indirect De-Authorization - Yamaha 01V96 Installation Manual

Add-on effects
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Make sure that "YAMAHA USB IN 0-1" is
selected for the Input port and that "YAMAHA
USB OUT 0-1" is selected for the output port,
then click [Next].
The "Connecting to the console..." message is displayed
and the unregistration code is created.
If you are using Mac OS 9, select "xxxx-1 (xxxx will be
the name of the console you are using)" for the Input
port, and "xxxx-1 (xxxx will be the name of the console
you are using)" for the output port. Note that the port
names vary with the OMS setup files.
Select [Connect to the authentication server
and start deauthorizing now], then click [Next].
The "Start de-authorizing" message is displayed.
Make sure that you are prepared to access the
Internet, then click [Next].
The computer connects to the authentication server and
de-authorizes the license.
When de-authorization is complete, the
following window opens.
The de-authorization is now complete. You can now
install the software on another console.

Indirect De-authorization

If you wish to move the license of the Add-On Effects from
one console to another, you must first de-authorize the
license on the current console. If you access the Internet
from another computer (#2), not from the computer (#1)
connected to the console, follow the steps below to de-
authorize the software.
Follow Steps 1 through 10 (on page 9) for direct de-
authorization, then proceed with the following.
Select [Save unregistration code to de-authorize
later.], then click [Next].
The following window opens.
Click [Save in file] to save the PRODUCT ID and
unregistration code as a text file.
You can also write down the ID and code on a piece of
Copy the text file to the computer (#2) that has
access to the Internet.
Follow the steps below on computer #2.
Insert the included CD-ROM into the CD-ROM
drive on computer #2, locate the Upgrade
folder on the CD-ROM ("Mac OS 9: Upgrade"
for Mac OS 9; "Mac OS X: Upgrade" for Mac OS
X), then copy the folder onto the hard disk.
Double-click "DMUpgrade.exe" (or
"AE***UpgradeE" for Mac OS) in the Upgrade
folder that you copied to the hard disk.
The installer window opens.
Add-On Effects Installation Guide


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