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Blu-ray Disc
You can enjoy Blu-ray Disc which is capable of storing five
times more data than a conventional DVD.
With some BDs which support Java applications, you can
enjoy the interactive functions such as games or interactive
DVD upscaling for enhanced picture quality
Your current DVD will look even better than before thanks to
video upscaling. Upscaling will increase the resolution of
standard definition DVD to high definition up to 1080p over
an HDMI connection. The picture will be less jagged and more
realistic for a near high definition experience.
Enjoy your content on different kinds of media
Full backwards compatibility with DVD, CD and SD card
ensures that you can continue to enjoy your current audio-
video collection. Additionally, you can view JPEG digital
pictures or listen to MP3 or Windows Media™ Audio music
Listen to rich multi-channel surround sound
Multi-channel surround sound, which realizes real-to-life
sound and makes you feel that you are really there.
Intuitive user interface and remote control
The Philips logical user interface allows you to easily navigate
through your content and settings, so you can quickly find
what you are looking for.
Easy and simple connection to your HDTV via HDMI
Connect your BDP5320 to your HDTV with one single HDMI
(High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable. Philips
recommends HDMI1.3 (category 2) cable (also known as High
Speed HDMI cable) for better compatibility. The high definition
video output signal will be transferred to your HDTV without
conversion to analog signals, so you will get excellent picture
and sound quality, completely free from noise.
Thanks to other multiple outputs, you can also easily connect
to your home theater system or amplifier.
About EasyLink (HDMI CEC) (Consumer Electronics
EasyLink (HDMI CEC) allows you to operate the linked
functions of this player with Philips brand TV with EasyLink
Philips does not guarantee 100 % interoperability with other
brands of HDMI CEC compliant devices.
Some BD-videos have the PiP function which enables you to
display the secondary video in the primary video. You can call
up the secondary video by pressing [BONUSVIEW (PiP)]
whenever the scene contains the secondary video.
BD-Live (BD-ROM version 2 Profile 2.0) that allows interactive
functions to be used when this unit is connected to the
Internet in addition to the BONUSVIEW function. The various
functions differ depending on the disc.
Pop-up menu
Some BD-videos have a pop-up menu which is a navigation
menu that can be called up and be operated on the TV screen
without interrupting playback. You can call up the pop-up
menu by pressing [DISC MENU / POP-UP MENU]. Contents in
the pop-up menu vary depending on the disc.
HDMI Deep Color
Deep Color reduces posterization effect of the playback
image. Refer to "HDMI Deep Color" in the "LIST OF SETTINGS"
on page 43.
HDMI 1080p/24 output (BD only)
This unit is equipped with the feature which can provide smooth
movement during playback of film originated material with the
frame rate of 24 frames per second with progressive. (Available
only when the display device is connected by an HDMI cable.)
Refer to "HDMI 1080p/24" in the "LIST OF SETTINGS" on
page 43.
Playing back contents from an SD Memory Card
You can play back AVCHD / MP3 / WMA / JPEGs stored in an SD
Memory Card. BD-ROM Profile 2.0 (BD-Live) and Profile 1.1 discs
sometimes store picture-in-picture commentary, subtitles or
other extras in the SD Memory Card for use during playback with
the BD-video.
Playing back AVCHD files
This unit supports playback of AVCHD format files (new format
for high definition video camcorders) recorded on disc / SD
card. Your high definition personal archive is playable in HD
This unit supports playback of video contents on discs
recorded with "x.v.Color" technology. To watch this video
content with the "x.v.Color" space, a TV or other display
device supporting both video image reproduction using
"x.v.Color" standard and capability of manual switching of its
color space setting is required. Please refer to the owner's
manual of your display device for further information.
With this unit, you can enjoy movies and TV episodes
streamed instantly from Netflix via the Internet. In order to use
this feature, you must visit on your PC and
become a Netflix member.
(This feature is available only in the United States. )
CinemaNow / Blockbuster
With this unit, you can enjoy movies and TV episodes streamed
instantly from CinemaNow / Blockbuster via the Internet.
In order to use this feature, you must visit following website on
your PC and become a CinemaNow / Blockbuster member.
- CinemaNow :
- Blockbuster :
This unit supports vTuner which is a database service of
Internet radio stations. You can enjoy various kinds of Internet
radio stations with vTuner via the Internet.


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