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Hardware/Software Requirements; Computer System; Basic Software; Installing The Adobe Postscript Printer Driver - Xerox WorkCentre 7132 User Manual

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5 Operation on Macintosh Computers
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Hardware/Software Requirements

The minimum system requirements for the Macintosh printer driver and the utility are
described below.

Computer System

• Macintosh
• Power Macintosh

Basic Software

• Adobe PostScript 8.7 - Mac OS 8.5 and 8.5.1
• Adobe PostScript 8.8 - Mac OS 8.6 through 9.2.2
• PPD Installer - Mac OS X 10.2
• Xerox Installer - Mac OS X 10.3
NOTE: When using Mac OS X, launch the Classic environment to run the

Installing the Adobe PostScript Printer Driver

This section describes how to install the Adobe printer driver and how to set the printer
driver for this machine. There are two steps to install the printer driver. Firstly, use the
installer enclosed on the CD-ROM to install the printer to the Macintosh. Then,
configure the printer driver according to the printer used.

Installation Procedure (Mac OS 9.x or earlier)

This section describes the procedures for installing the Adobe PostScript printer driver.
As an example, here is the procedure to install Adobe PostScript 8.8.
Insert the PostScript Driver Library CD-ROM in the CD-ROM drive.
The WorkCentre-PS icon appears on the desktop.
Double-click [WorkCentre-PS].
Double-click the [PrinterDriver] folder for your printer model, and then the "Adobe
PostScript 880" folder.
Double-click [Adobe PostScript Installer 8.8].
When the Installer opens, click [Continue].
Read through the license agreement carefully and if you have no objections to it,
click [Accept].
Xerox WorkCentre 7132 PostScript® User Guide



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