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Postscript Printer Driver For Windows And Mac Os - Xerox DocuColor 12 Color Manual

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1-14 Fiery Color Management
Spot Color Matching and the PANTONE Coated Color Reference
The PANTONE Coated Color Reference (described in the
prints differently depending on the Spot Color Matching setting.
—The Fiery uses a built-in table or, if you have the Fiery Graphic Arts Package
option, the Spot On color dictionaries (see
of the PANTONE colors that your copier/printer can produce. The PANTONE
number is printed below each swatch.
—The Fiery prints swatches using the CMYK values recommended by Pantone,
Inc. (and used by applications that provide PANTONE color libraries). The CMYK
values used to generate the color, as well as the PANTONE number of the color, are
printed below each swatch. These CMYK values are printed through the selected
CMYK Simulation and Output Profile settings.

PostScript printer driver for Windows and Mac OS

You can access the printer driver options described in this section by choosing
Start\Settings\Printers, right-clicking the appropriate PPD name, and choosing
Properties (Windows 9x/Me), Document Defaults (Windows NT), or Printing
Preferences (Windows 2000/XP) from the pop-up menu. To access the Mac OS driver
options, choose Print from the File menu of your application. These settings are also
accessible from the Print Setup or Page Setup dialog boxes of most applications.
For Windows computers, the Fiery driver interface enables you to save combinations
of settings that you can later access. Additionally, you can choose different settings for
individual jobs from the applications you use.
The printer driver writes a PostScript file containing the instructions generated by your
application and the Fiery print options you chose. The printer driver sends the
PostScript file to the Fiery. The Fiery then performs PostScript processing and color
conversions and sends raster color data to the print device.
The following illustrations and instructions do not apply to all applications.
Many applications, such as Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,
QuarkXPress, and CorelDRAW, have other color management options in addition to
those presented in the printer driver. For information on specific applications, see the
Fiery Color
Fiery Color
3-22) to generate the best matches


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