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Starting The Engine - Craftsman 247.77763 Owner's Manual

6.5 horse power self-propelled chipper-shredder vacuum
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Gas And Oil Fill-up
Oil (one 20-oz. bottle shipped with unit)
Only use high quality detergent oil rated with API
service classificationSF, SG or SH. Select the oil's
viscositygrade according to the expected operating
temperature. Followthe chart below.
NOTE: Although multi-viscosity oils (5W30, 10W30,
"etc.) improve starting in cold weather, these
multivisoosity oils will result in increased oil
consumption when used above 32°F. Check engine
oil level more frequently to avoid possible engine
WARNING: Never fillthe fuel tank indoors.
Gasoline producesnoxiousfumes. Always
be certain to fillthe fuel tank in a well
ventilated area to avoid inhalation of
gasoline fumes.
WARNING: Never smoke while fueling
your chipper-shreddervacuum. Gasoline
producescumbustable fumes which can
ignite and cause personal ir_ry.
WARNING: Do not fill closer than 1/2 inch- ---
from the top of the fuel tank to prevent
spills and to allow for fuel expansion. If
damage from running low on oil.
SAE 30
gasoline is accidently spilled, move
chipper-shredder vacuum away from area
of spill. Avoid creating any source of
ignition until gasoline vapors have
Check the fuel level periodically to avoid running
out of gasoline while operating the chipper-
shredder vacuum. If the unit runs out of gas as it
Oil Viscosity Chart
Remove oil fill dipstick.
With the chipper-shredder vacuum on level
ground, use a funnel to fill engine with oil to
FULL mark on dipstick. Capacity is
approximately 20 oz. Be careful not to overfill.
Overfilling will cause the engine to smoke
is chipping, it may be necessary to unclog the
unit before it can be restarted. Refer to
Removing the Flail Screen on page 15.
Starting The Engine
IMPORTANT: ifyour unitshows any sign of motion
with the drive clutchcontrolin the disengaged
profusely and will result in poor engine
performance. The oil bottle packaged with your
chipper-shredder vacuum contains 20 oz. of oil.
Tilt chipper-shredder vacuum toward the left,
then re-level. Check the oil level makingcertain
- notto rub the dipstickalong the inside walls of
the oilfill tube. This would result in a false
dipstickreading. Refill to FULL mark on dipstick,
if necessary. Replace dipstick and tighten.
Check oil level three times priorto starting
engine to be certain you've gotten an accurate
dipstick reading. Running the engine with too
little oil can result in permanant engine damage.
Remove fuel cap from the fuel tank.
Make sure the container from which you will
pour the gasoline is clean and free from rust or
foreign particles. Never use gasoline that may
be stale from long periods of storage in its
container. Gasoline that has been sitting for any
period longer than four weeks should be
considered stale.
Fill fuel tank with approximately 3 quarts of
clean, fresh, leed-free grade automotive
gasoline. DO NOT use Ethyl or high octane
gasoline. Replace fuel cap.
position, shut the engine off immediately. Readjust
following the instructions on page 16.
WARNING: Make sure that no one other
than the operator is standing near the
chipper-shreddervacuum unitwhile starting
or operating.
Do not operate this unit unless the nozzle,
discharge chute, and the bag have been
properly installed.
Attach spark plug wire and rubber boot to spark
plug if not already attached.
Place the throttle control lever in FAST position.
Depress the primer three to four times slowly.
Wait about two seconds between each push.
When temperature is at or below 50°F/10°C, it
may be necessary to depress the primer five to
six times. You may have to use the primer to
restart a warm engine after a short shutdown.
Place one foot on the left rear wheelto prevent
the unit from skidding while starting.
Grasp starter handle and pull rope out slowly
until engine reaches start of compression cycle.
The rope will pull slightly harder at this point. Let
the rope rewind slowly.

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