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Craftsman 247.77763 Owner's Manual page 4

6.5 horse power self-propelled chipper-shredder vacuum
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seconds after the engine is shut off. Never place any
part of the body in the impeller area untilyou are sure
the impeller has stopped rotating.
Keep all guards and safety devices in place and
operating propedy.
Do not allow an accumulation of processed matedal
to build up in the discharge area as this will prevent
proper discharge and can result in kick-beck from the
chipper chute.
• -
Keep your face and body backfrom chipper chute to
avoid accidental bounce back of any material.
If the cutting mechanism strikes a foreign object or if
your machine should start making an unusual noise
or vibration, immediately stop the engine, disconnect
the spark plug wire and move the wire away from the
spark plug. Allow the machine to stop and take the
following steps:
Inspect for damage
Repair or replace any damaged pads.
c. • Check for any loose parts and tighten to assure
continued safe operation.
Muffler and engine become hot and can cause a burn.
Do not touch.
Do not allow leaves or other debris to build up on
engine's muffler. The debris could igniteand cause a
Do not operate engine if air cleaner or cover over
carburetor air-intake is removed, except for
adjustment. Removal of such pads couldcreate a fire
Tragic accidents can occur if the operator is not alert to the
presence of small children. Children are often attracted to
the chippingand vacuuming activity. Never assume that
children will remain where you last saw them.
Keep children out of the work area and under the
watchful eye of a responsible adult other than the
Be alert and turn the unit off if a child enters the area.
Never allow children under the age of 16 to operate
the chipper-shredder vacuum.
Check and add fuel before starting the engine. Never
remove gas cap or add fuel while the engine is
running. Allow engine to cool at least two minutes
before refueling.
Replace gasoline cap securely and wipe offany
spilledgasoline before startingthe engine as it may
cause a fire or explosion.
Extinguishall cigarettes, cigars, pipes and other
sourcesof ignition.
Never refuel unit indoorsbecause flaEnmablevapors
will accumulate in the area.
Never store the machine or fuel container inside
where there is an open flame or spark such as a gas
hotwater heater, clothes dryer or furnace.
Never run your machine in an enclosed area as the
exhaust from the engine contains carbon monoxide,
which is a odorless, tasteless and deadly poisonous
To reducefire hazard, keep engine and muffler free of
leaves, grass, and other debris build-up. Clean up
fuel and oilspillage. Allow unit to cool at least 5
minutes before storing.
Before cleaning, repairing, or inspecting, make certain
the impeller and all moving parts have stopped.
Disconnect the spark plug wire and keep wire away
from spark plug to prevent accidental starting. Do not
use flammable solutionsto clean air filter.
Keep ell nuts, bolts, and screws tightto be sure the
equipment is in safe workingcondition.
Never tamper with safety devices. Check their proper
operation regularly.
After striking a foreign object, immediately stop the
engine, disconnectthe spark plug wire from the spark
plug, and thoroughlyinspect the unitfor any damage.
Repair damage before starting and operating unit.
Do notalter or tamper with the engine's governor
setting. The governor controlsthe maximum safe
operating speed of the engine. Over-speeding the
engine is dangerous and wilt cause damage to the
engine and to other moving parts of the machine.
Check the vacuum bag frequently for wear. Replace if
worn or damaged.
Keep vacuum bag free of debris _'..henn_ in use.
Your Responsibility
Use extreme care in handling gasoline and other
fuels. They are extremely flammable and the vapors
are explosive.
Store fuel and oil in approved containers, away from
heat and open flame, and out of the reach of children.
Restrict the use of thispower machine to
persons who read, understand and follow the
warnings and instructionsin this manual and on
the machine.

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