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Adjusting Nozzle Height - Craftsman 247.77763 Owner's Manual

6.5 horse power self-propelled chipper-shredder vacuum
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NOTE: While theengine isreachingthe compression
cycle,you may hear a "clanking" n oise. Thisnoiseis
causedby theimpellerflailspivotingand fallinginto
place and IS normal, This noise will continueuntillthe
impeller reaches full speed.
Pull the rope with a rapid, continuous, full arm
stroke while keeping a firm grip on the starter
• -
Continuing to keep a firm grip on the starter
handle, let the rope rewind slowly. Do not let the
starter handle snap back against the eye bolt on
the handle. Repeat, if necessary, until engine
starts. Additional priming may be necessary.
Move throttle controlto IDLE position for a few
minutes to warm up the engine. Move it back to
fast when running.
ALWAYS keep the throttle control in the Fast
postion when operating the chipper-shredder
NOTE: Engine may run very slowly for the first five to
ten seconds after it has been started until the impeller
gains momentum and allows the engine to reach its
top RPM.
NOTE: To idle smoothly, a new engine may require 3
to5 minutes of running at above the slow idle speed.
The idle speed has been adjusted for proper running
after thisbreak-in period.
Stopping the Engine
• Move throttle control lever to STOP position.
• Disconnect spark plug wire and move away from
the spark plug to prevent accidental starting while
the equipment is unattended.
Adjusting Nozzle Height
The nozzle door height adjustment levers have
five positionsettings and are found each side of
the nozzle door. See Figure 10. The nozzle door
height should be adjusted according to the
Slide the height adjustment lever forward or
backward for adjusting the nozzle door upwards
or downwards. See Figure 10.
WARNING: Keep your hands, feet and
any loose clothingclear of the nozzle any
time the engine is running, When the
engine is running, a vacuum is being
created in the nozzle which can draw in
loose clothing.
WARNING: Never make any adjustments
on the nozzle while the engine is running.
;lide this lever
to adjust nozzle
door height
Nozzle Door
Figure 10
NOTE: Raise the nozzle height to vacuum a thick
layer of leaves; lower the nozzle height for smoother
Operation of your
Your chipper-shreddervacuum is designed to chip
small tree branches and twigs,shred leaves and
vacuum foliage and other lawn debris. For
convenience in operation, your Craftsman chipper-
shredder vacuum is equipped with a drive clutch
control allowing it to "self-propel."
WARNING: The impeller (chipping/
shredding mechanism) is rotating at all
times when the engine is running.
WARNING: Keep your hands away from
the nozzle opening and NEVER place your
hands or arms inside of the chipperchute
when the engine isrunning. Doing socould
result in serious personal injury.
IMPORTANT: Your chipper-shredder vacuum is
equipped with a s_fety switch at the front left portion
of the impeller housing.The met-altab on"_henozzle
must depress this switchfor the engine to start. Be
certain the nozzle is properly in place before
attempting to startthe unit. See Figure 4 on page 6.
WARNING: Always survey the area to be
vacuumed thoroughlybefore operating the
chipper-shrsdder vacuum. Clear the area
of any obstructionssuch as toys, dog
chains, etc. Running over such an
obstructioncan result in personal injuryas
well as damage to the chipper-shredder
Do not vacuum up anythingother than normal
yard waste such as leaves or pine needles.

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