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Usb 2.0 flash drive
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Lenovo USB 2.0 Flash Drive Guide

The specifications such as 1G, 2G and 4G marked on the product package and the product refer to those of the Flash storage
chip used by the Lenovo USB Flash Drive.
In order to enable the stable and reliable operation of the USB Flash Drive, the data image table, the backup buffer, the
firmware program and the expansion function software are hidden in the Flash storage chip, thus making the actual storage
capacity less than the nominal capacity of the chip. The actual available capacity varies according to differences in terms of
the storage strategy and the expansion function as well as the actual occupation status of the backup buffer.
Before using this product, please carefully read this Manual.
Copyright Description
Without prior written permission of Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd., no matter for whatever purposes, one shall not duplicate and
disseminate any part of this Manual in any form (either electronic or text) by any means. All rights are reserved by Lenovo
(Beijing) Ltd.
Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd. is dedicated to the continuous improvement of this product's functions and performance, and
therefore reserves the rights for conducting improvement on any functions of the product as described in this Manual
without prior notice.
Avoid using the product in the following environment: sharp change of temperature (with the highest reaching over 40 °C
and the lowest below 0 °C), HV, electrostatic interference, radiation, dusty or humid places. Avoid moisture or dipping the
product in liquid.
The product should be handled to ensure safe operation of the device, the unit should not be dropped or used where pressure
is applied to the case...
Please DO NOT insert/pull out the USB during the process of file transmission, deletion and initialization.
Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd. is not liable for loss of data resulting from operational mistakes, repair at will, water entering the
product or other unexpected situations, or any other indirect losses caused thereby, and can not restore lost individual
materials. Please be sure to promptly backup your data.
If the product stops working, you can log in the Lenovo website: http://consumersupport.lenovo.com/ to obtain services.
Please DO NOT dismantle the product by yourself.
Introduction to Product
By adopting the Flash chip as the storage media, Lenovo USB Flash Drive is a kind of removable storage device, capable of
making high-speed data exchange with the computer through the USB port. Lenovo USB Flash Drive supports
plug-and-play simplicity of Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems, with no need to install the


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents