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Caring For Your Monitor; Detaching The Monitor Stand - Lenovo L1961 Wide Flat Panel Monitor User Manual

Wide flat panel monitor
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Caring for your monitor

Be sure to turn off the power before you perform any maintenance on the monitor.
Do not:

Detaching the monitor stand

Step 1: Put the display on a flat table with the back side up.
Step 2: Press the hook shown as following figure, meanwhile pull the base away
Step 3: Lift up the hinge cover and remove it.
Step 4: Remove the three screws counterclockwise, take off the bracket, and install
Apply water or liquid directly to your monitor.
Use solvents or abrasives.
Use flammable cleaning materials to clean your monitor or any other electrical
Touch the screen area of your monitor with sharp or abrasive items. This type of
contact may cause permanent damage to your screen.
Use any cleaner which contains an anti-static solution or similar additives. This
may harm the coating of the screen area.
Lightly dampen a soft cloth with water and use this to gently wipe the covers and
the screen.
Remove grease or finger marks with a damp cloth and a little mild detergent.
from the stand.
the VESA mounting rack.
VESA holes
Chapter 2.


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