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Specific Safety Rules And Symbols - Craftsman 310.26825 Owner's Manual

Cordless impact wrench 1/2" drive 18 volt high performance impact wrench
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Additional Rules For Safe
Know your power tool. Read
operator's manual carefully.
Learn its applications and
limitations, as well as the
specific potential hazards
related to this tool. Following this
rule will reduce the risk of electric
shock, fire, or serious injury.
Make sure your extension cord
is in good condition. When
using an extension cord, be
sure to use one heavy enough
to carry the current your
product will draw. A wire gage
size (A.W.G.) of at least 16 is
recommended for an extension
cord 100 feet or less in length. A
cord exceeding 100 feet is not
recommended. If in doubt, use
the next heavier gage. The
smaller the gage number, the
heavier the cord. An undersized
cord will cause a drop in line
voltage resulting in loss of power
and overheating.
Important Safety Instructions for
Impact Wrench
Power tools can cause flying
particles during use.
Wear safety goggles, user and
Flying particles can cause injury.
Power tools generate noise.
Wear hearing protection, user
and bystanders.
Prolonged exposure to noise can
cause hearing loss.
Power tools vibrate.
Avoid prolonged exposure to
vibration, repetitive motions and
uncomfortable positions. Stop
using the tool if discomfort,
tingling feeling or pain occurs.
Seek medical advice before
resuming use.
Prolonged exposure to vibration,
repetitive motions and
uncomfortable positions can cause
Risk of entanglement.
• Keep body parts away from
moving parts.
• Do not wear loose clothing
and jewelry while operating
• Wear protective hair covering
to contain long hair.
• Do not carry tool with your
finger on the trigger.
• Remove adjusting keys or
wrenches before turning the
tool on.
• Do not lock, tape, wire, etc.,
the trigger in the ON position.
• Keep handle dry, clean and
free from oil and grease.
• Always shut off power and
disconnect battery from tool
when changing accessories.
Entanglement can cause injury.
• Hold tool by insulated gripping
surfaces when performing an
operation where the cutting
tool may contact hidden
wiring. Contact with a "live"
wire will also make exposed
metal parts of the tool "live"
and shock the operator.
• Use only impact sockets and
accessories with these impact
wrenches. Use of hand or
power sockets will cause
premature failure of the socket
and possible injury to the user.
Do not use chipped, cracked,
or damaged sockets or

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