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Maintenance - Craftsman 310.26825 Owner's Manual

Cordless impact wrench 1/2" drive 18 volt high performance impact wrench
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Product Specifications
Craftsman Impact Wrench
Model 310.26825
Motor voltage
Square drive size
Tightening torque*
Sound pressure level**
Sound power level
Vibration Level***
Free speed
Impact per minute
Weight with one battery
Weight of one battery pack 2.4 lbs.
Current draw, free speed
Current draw during
*Output torque is tested with Skidmore mode
RL with 3/4" bolt (impacting for 5 seconds).
**Sound levels are tested per ISO standards
3744 and Pneurop test code PN8NTC1. Tool
loaded per ISO standard 8662.
***Vibration level tested per ISO standard 8662-8.
Item No.
Charging Voltage
Charge Rate
Battery Pack
Item No.
The recommended 1/2" drive impact
sockets are currently available at Sears
Retail Stores.
will cause premature failure of
socket and possible injury to the


18 VDC
180 ft. lb.
96 dbA
109 dbA
5.5 m/sec
0–2200 RPM
2220 IPM
6.5 lbs.
8.7 A
38 A
9-11040 (981399-001)
9.6 - 24 V
1 hr
9-11034 (981404-001)
Use of hand socket
let brake fluids, gasoline,
petroleum-based products,
penetrating oils, etc. come in
contact with plastic parts. They
contain chemicals that can
damage, weaken, or destroy
Do not abuse power tools. Abusive
practices can damage tool as well as
work piece.
Only the parts shown on the parts list
are intended to be repaired or replaced
by the customer. All other parts should
be replaced at a Sears Service center.
modify this tool or create
accessories not recommended for
use with this tool. Any such
alteration or modification is misuse
and could result in a hazardous
condition leading to possible
serious personal injury.
The battery pack for your impact
wrench is equipped with nickel-cad-
mium rechargeable batteries. Length of
service from each charging will depend
on the type of work you are doing.
The batteries in this tool have been
designed to provide maximum trouble
free life. However, like all batteries, they
will eventually wear out. Do not
disassemble battery pack and attempt
to replace the batteries.
batteries, especially when wearing
rings and jewelry, could result in a
serious burn.
Do not at any time
Do not attempt to
Handling of these

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