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Configuring Locationfree Player - Sony LFA-PC1 Operating Instructions Manual

Locationfree player for pc
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Configuring LocationFree Player

You must configure LocationFree Player before you can watch TV, VCR or
DVDs with the NetAV function on your computer.
Before configuring LocationFree Player
Set up the LocationFree TV base station and monitor, using the instructions that
they came with.
This manual only contains explanations about how to configure LocationFree
Player and how to use it to watch TV, VCR or DVDs on your computer using the
NetAV function. Information about the LocationFree TV configuration, Internet
connection setup, and other information can be found in the LF-X1/LF-X5
operating instructions.
For details on setting up NetAV, refer to the NetAV Quick Start Guide.
You can view the NetAV Quick Start Guide by opening the Start
menu, selecting [All programs] ([Programs] in Windows 2000), and
then selecting [Sony LocationFree Player].
Step 1 Installing the LocationFree Player software (1 page 9)
Steps required before access remotely (one-time setup)
Step 2 Setting up your computer (1 page 10)
Step 3 Setting up the NetAV function (1 page 10)
Step 4 Getting the base station ready to register your computer
(1 page 12)
Step 5 Registering your computer with the base station (1 page 13)
Step 6 Configuring TV channels (1 page 17)
Remote location preparations
Step 7 Connecting your computer to the Internet (1 page 19)
Step 8 Establishing a connection with the base station from your
computer (1 page 19)
Step 9 Configuring the on-screen remote control (1 page 20)
Enjoy TV, VCR or DVDs on your computer
Configuring LocationFree Player
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