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Troubleshooting - Sony LFA-PC1 Operating Instructions Manual

Locationfree player for pc
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Pre-release version


Cannot register with the base station.
Cannot establish a connection with the base
The TV feed is not displayed.
The NetAV connection breaks off suddenly.
If you encounter any problems, refer to the list below for solution. Also refer to
the LF-X1/LF-X5 operating instructions for more troubleshooting tips.
For more help troubleshooting, also refer to the following URL:
• Verify that the domain name or static IP address for the base
station you want to register with is correct.
• Verify that the base station is set to accept registration.
• Verify that the password is correct.
• Make sure the base station has NetAV enabled.
• Verify that you are not using a single serial key on multiple
If the LocationFree Player is installed on multiple computers with
the same serial key, those computers cannot be registered to the
same base station.
• Verify that the base station is on.
• Verify that the base station domain name or static IP address are
correct (1 page 15).
• Verify that your computer is connected to a network and it can
connect to the Internet.
• Verify that your network environment meets the specified
requirements to use the NetAV function. For details, refer to the
LF-X1/LF-X5 operating instructions.
• Verify that the updating dynamic DNS is not failed.
• If you are using a personal firewall on your computer or if your
Internet network environment uses a firewall, make sure that your
computer is configured so that the NetAV function uses port
number 5021 to connect.
• You cannot connect while another monitor is connected by
NetAV. Wait awhile and try connecting again.
• Verify that the device is registered.
Refer to "Step 4 Getting the Base Station Ready to Register Your
Computer" (1 page 12).
• Verify that the device's registration information has not been
deleted from the [Register Other Monitors] screen on the base
• Verify that you have correctly configured the TV channels
(1 page 20).
• Has any security software such as anti-virus or anti-spam
software been installed?
If so, the software's firewall function may have blocked NetAV.
• Does the message "AV connection started by other monitor"
If so, the NetAV connection was broken because someone
selected [Get AV] on the LF-X1/LF-X5 monitor and started
watching video.
If [Allow AV interception by registered monitors] is selected on
the [Register Other Monitors] screen of the LF-X1/LF-X5, you
can watch video by selecting [Connect] again. If this option is not
selected, a NetAV connection cannot be established while video
is being watched on the LF-X1/LF-X5 monitor.



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