Sony Vaio LocationFree LF-V30 Quick Start Manual page 12

Locationfree base station
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For the following device or
software users
- Desktop PC (with no wireless function)
- Windows® XP
Place the LF-V30 near the wireless router.
Connect a LAN cable from the wireless router to the
LAN port on the rear of the LF-V30.
Plug the LF-V30 into a wall outlet, and turn it on.
Turn the computer on. Make sure that it can
communicate with the wireless router.
Insert the supplied CD-ROM into the computer to
install the LFA-PC30.
Start the LFA-PC30. Follow the setup wizard.
When prompted, unplug the LAN cable and set it
This cable is no longer needed.
Turn the LF-V30 off.
Unplug the LF-V30 from the wall outlet.
Place the LF-V30 near your video device(s).
Connect your video device(s) to the LF-V30
( pages 6 and 7.)
Plug the LF-V30 into a wall outlet, and turn it on.
Follow the setup wizard and complete the setup.
If your setup is unsuccessful, please see "Troubleshooting"
( page 14) or refer to the LocationFree® Base Station
Operating Instructions on the supplied CD-ROM (LFA-PC30.)



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