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Changing The Wireless Settings Of The Base Station - Sony LF-B1 Settings Manual

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Changing the
Wireless Settings of
the Base Station
Wireless Settings
You can change the wireless settings of the Base
Station. If you change settings at this time, you
will temporarily be unable to connect to the Base
Station. After closing the Internet browser, reboot
the Base Station, and then perform [Basic
Settings] (1 page 5) again to re-register your
PSP™ system with the Base Station.
1 Wireless LAN devices that conform to the
IEEE802.11a, b, or g standards can be used on
the following channels. The PSP™ system
can be used within the 2.4GHz channel.
2 An SSID is already entered here at the time of
purchase (the characters shown on the side of
the Base Station). If you want to change it,
enter a string of up to 32 alphanumeric
characters and symbols.
An SSID is an ID that identifies a wireless
3 [WEP] and [WPA-PSK with TKIP] are
encryption methods. Select one or the other,
and enter an encryption key or a pre-shared
When using WEP
For the encryption key, enter a string of
characters or a string of hexadecimal
You can use any string of characters as the
key, but the number of required characters
differs depending on the length of the key. The
following table shows the number of required
characters and the type of characters that can
be used in encryption keys.
Key length
When using WPA-PSK with TKIP
Enter a pre-shared key from 8 to 64 characters
in length. When you enter 64 characters, the
available characters are limited to 0 to 9, A to
F, and a to f.
Input method
Character input
Hexadecimal input
For details on WEP and WPA-PSK with TKIP,
refer to "About Wireless Security" in the
Important Safeguards document supplied with
the Base Station.
4 Select this to confirm and save the
information you have entered.
• When choosing encryption keys and pre-shared
keys, you should avoid words and phrases that are
easy for other people to guess.
• For better security, you should change your
encryption key or pre-shared key periodically.
• You will need the SSID, and the encryption key or
pre-shared key, when you connect your PSP™
system or computer to the Base Station over a
wireless connection. Keep a record of the
information you enter.
5 characters
13 characters
10 characters
26 characters
(0 to 9, A to F,
(0 to 9, A to F,
a to f)
a to f)
Number of characters
8 to 63 characters
(alphanumeric, symbols)
64 characters
(0 to 9, A to F, a to f)



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