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Using The Remote Control - Sony LF-B1 Settings Manual

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Using the Remote Control

from the control panel, and
then press the
The on-screen remote control is displayed.
Clearing the remote control
Press the
button or the
Using a standard TV remote control
When viewing TV, a remote control such as the
following is displayed. Use the directional
buttons to operate the remote control.
1 Used to select the TV channel
2 Used to enter the selected channel
3 Used to cancel the selected channel
4 Used to advance/go back one channel
Remote control
• It may take a few seconds for the channel to switch.
• You can also operate without the on-screen remote
control by using the directional buttons of the PSP™
system (1 page 13).
• You can use the +/- volume buttons of the PSP™
system to adjust the volume.
Using the remote control for a
connected device
You can operate a video deck or DVD player that
is connected to the Base Station using the on-
screen remote control.
For example, if you have a Sony-manufactured
DVD player connected to the Base Station, you
can display an on-screen remote control with
similar features as the remote control supplied
with the Sony-manufactured DVD player, and
use the on-screen remote control to operate the
DVD player.
To display the remote control for a connected
device on the PSP™ system, you must first save
the data for the remote control on Memory Stick
Duo™ media and then complete [Remote
Control Settings] (1 page 18).
For more information on remote control data, see
Depending on the connected device, the usage
method of the remote control for the device may
vary. The main functions that are commonly
available on remote controls are explained below.



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