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Connection Diagram - Sony PEGA-CC5 Installation/Connections

Car cradle
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Connection diagram

Front speaker
Rear speaker
• This unit is designed for 12 V DC negative
ground operation only.
• To prevent fire or shock hazard, do not expose
the unit to rain or moisture.
• To avoid electrical shock, do not disassemble the
unit. Refer servicing to qualified personnel only.
• Position the unit at a location that does not
obstruct the operation of passenger-side airbag.
• While the unit is not in use, always disconnect it
from the cigarette lighter socket.
• Do not place your CLIÉ
handheld on an
uneven surface while the car is moving.
Otherwise, your CLIÉ handheld may drop,
resulting in possible damage.
On installation
• Before installing the unit, please check your local
traffic laws and regulations.
• Make sure to install the unit properly according
to the installation manual. Improper installation
may result in a fire or an electric shock.
• Before installation, be sure to turn the ignition
switch to the OFF position or take out the key
out. Installing the unit with the ignition on may
cause battery drain or a short circuit.
• For information about the polarity, battery
voltage and location of the airbag of your car,
please consult your car dealer.
• Do not damage any pipes, tubes, the fuel tank or
electric wiring when installing the unit, as a fire
or accident may result. If you drill a hole in car
panels, make sure that any hidden car parts will
not be damaged.
• Do not use any nuts or bolts for critical devices
such as steering linkage, fuel supply or braking
systems. This can cause a fire or an accident.
• Take care to prevent the cords and wires from
getting tangled or crimped in the moving
portion of a seat rail.
• Do not use any car battery adapter other than
the one supplied.
Installing location
• Do not install the car cradle where:
– It will obstruct the driver's view when the car
cradle is mounted in the car, or your CLIE
handheld is in the car cradle.
– It will obstruct the operation of the airbag
– It will obstruct the operation of the vehicle,
especially the steering wheel, shift lever, or
brake pedal.
– It will be subjected to heat/high temperature
(on a dashboard etc).
• Please consult qualified technician or service
personnel if you cannot attach the car cradle to
the car securely.
lighter socket
DC 5.2V
Light blue
Sony BUS compatible
car audio
Supplied with the XA-C30
Notes on using car battery adapter
• Do not subject the unit to:
– Extreme heat or cold
– Dust, dirt, or sand
– High humidity
– Vibration
– Strong magnetic fields
– Mechanical shock
– Direct sunlight (for extended periods of time)
• Do not drop the unit.
• Disconnect the car battery adapter from the
cigarette lighter socket when the engine is turned
• Be sure that nothing metallic comes into contact
with the metal parts of this unit. If this happens, a
short circuit may occur and the unit may be
• Do not operate the unit if it has a damaged cord or
if it has been dropped or damaged.
• Always keep the metal contacts clean.
• Do not disassemble or convert the unit.
• While the unit is in use, it gets warm. This is
On cleaning
Clean the unit with a soft, dry cloth or a soft cloth
lightly moistened with a mild detergent solution. Do
not use any type of solvent, such as alcohol or
benzine, which may damage the finish.
car audio cassette player
Source selector
Parts Iist (see fig.1)
The numbers in the list refer to those in the
Connection example (see fig.2)
Car Cradle Ready Sony car audio units are;
• Units with CD/MD Changer Control from 2003
• Following units
FM transmitter operation (A)
A car audio unit with an FM tuner is required to
receive transmission from the FM transmitter.
Car cassette adapter connection (B)
The car audio cassette player is necessary.
Sony BUS compatible car audio connection (C-
For connecting, the XA-CC1 connection adapter
(optional) is necessary.
Sony BUS compatible car audio and Sony BUS
compatible CD/MD changer connection (C-
For connecting, the XA-CC1 connection adapter
(optional) and the XA-C30 source selector (optional)
are necessary.
Connection diagram (see fig.3)
Note on car battery adapter connection
Insert the car battery adapter in the cigarette lighter
socket only after all installation/connections have been
Car connecting
CPA-9C (optional)
Supplied with the CD/MD changer
Sony BUS compatible
CD/MD changer
Sony BUS compatible
CD/MD changer
Supplied with the CD/MD changer


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