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Operation; Maintenance And Storage - Craftsman 247.776370 Operator's Manual

1100 series engine


Do not put hands andfeet near rotatingparts or inthe feedingchambers
anddischargeopening.Contactwiththe rotatingimpellercan amputate
fingers,hands,and feet.
Beforestartingthe machine,makesurethe chipperchute,feed intake,
andcutting chamberare empty andfree of all debris.
Thoroughlyinspectall materialto be shreddedandremoveany metal,
rocks,bottles,cans, or otherforeignobjectswhichcould cause personal
injury or damageto the machine.
If it becomesnecessaryto push materialthroughthe shredderhopper,
use a small diameterstick. Donot use your handsor feet.
If the impellerstrikes aforeign objector if your machineshould start
makingan unusual noise or vibration,immediatelyshut the engineoff.
Allowthe impellerto cometo a completestop. Disconnectthe spark plug
wire, groundit againstthe engine and performthe followingsteps:
1.Inspectfor damage.
2. Repairor replaceanydamagedparts.
3. Checkfor any loose partsandtighten to assurecontinuedsafe
Do not allowan accumulationof processedmaterialto build up inthe
dischargearea.This can preventproper dischargeand resultin kickback
of materialthrough the feed opening.
Do not attemptto shred or chip materiallargerthan specifiedon the
machineor in this manual.Personalinjury or machinedamagecould
Neverattemptto unclogeither the feed intakeor dischargeopening
whilethe engineis running.Shutthe engineoff, waituntil all moving
parts havestopped,disconnectthe sparkplug wire andground it against
the engine beforeclearing debris.
Neveroperatewithoutchipperbagand dischargechute properly
attachedto the machine.Neveremptyor changechipperbagwhilethe
engine is running.Zipperedendof chipperbag mustbe keptclosed at all
times duringoperation.
Neveroperatewithoutthe shredderhopper,chipperchute,or chute
deflectorproperlyattachedto the machine.Neveremptyor change
chipperbagwhilethe engineis running.
Keepall guards,deflectorsandsafetydevices in place andoperating
Keepyourface andbody back andto the side of the chipperchute while
feedingmaterialinto the machineto avoid accidentalkickback injuries.
Neveroperatethis machinewithoutgood visibilityor light.
Do not operatethis machineon a paved,gravel, or non-levelsurface.
Do not operatethis machinewhile underthe influenceof alcoholor
Mufflerand enginebecomehot and can causea burn. Donot touch.
Neverpickup or carry machinewhilethe engine is running.
Nevertamperwith safetydevices.Checktheir properoperation
Check bolts andscrewsfor proper tightnessat frequentintervalsto keep
the machinein safe workingcondition.Also, visuallyinspectmachinefor
any damageand repair,if needed.
Beforecleaning, repairing,or inspecting,stop the engine and make
certain the impellerand all moving parts havestopped.Disconnectthe
spark plug wire andground it againstthe engineto preventunintended
Donot changethe enginegovernorsettingsor overspeedthe engine.
The governorcontrolsthe maximumsafe operatingspeedof the engine.
Maintainor replacesafetyand instructionlabels,as necessary.
Followthis manualfor safe loading, unloading,transporting,and storage
of this machine.
Neverstorethe machineor fuel container insidewherethere is an open
flame, sparkor pilot lightsuch asa water heater,furnace,clothes dryer,
Alwaysreferto the operator'smanualfor properinstructionson
Ifthe fuel tank hasto be drained,do this outdoors.
Observeproper disposallawsand regulationsfor gas, oil,etc. to protect
the environment.
Do not modify
Toavoidseriousinjury or death,do not modifyenginein anyway.Tampering
withthe governorsettingcan leadto a runawayengine andcauseit to operate
at unsafespeeds.Nevertamperwithfactorysettingof engine governor.



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