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Craftsman FLOOR JACK 50156 Operator's Manual page 5

4 ton capacity floor jack
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• With release valve closed, an upward
stroke of the jack handle draws oil from
the reservoir tank into the plunger cavity.
Hydraulic pressure holds a valve closed,
which keeps the oil in the plunger cavity.
• A downward stroke of the jack handle
releases oil into the cylinder, which forces
the ram out. This raises the saddle. (NOTE:
To avoid damage to the cylinder if the load
exceeds the rated capacity of the jack,
oil is automatically released back into
the reservoir through the safety overload
• When the ram reaches maximum extension,
oil is bypassed back into the reservoir to
prevent an over-extended ram stroke and
possible damage to the jack.
• Opening the release valve allows oil to
flow back into the reservoir. This releases
hydraulic pressure on the ram, which
results in lowering the saddle.
Note: The release valve must be closed
for the handle to remain upright. When the
release valve is opened, the handle may
lower to the floor.
• Chock the vehicle wheels with appropriate
devices to prevent vehicle from moving and
to ensure lifting stability.
• Close the release valve by turning the jack
handle clockwise until tight (Fig. 4).
• Refer to the vehicle manufacturer's owner's
manual to locate approved lifting points on
the vehicle. Position jack so that the saddle
(Fig. 4) is centered under the load at an
appropriate lift point.
• Pump jack handle until saddle ALMOST
contacts the vehicle. Check to see that the
saddle is centered and will contact the load
lifting point firmly.
• Continue to pump the jack handle to lift
the vehicle to the desired height. After
lifting, immediately support the load with
appropriately rated vehicle support stands
BEFORE working on the vehicle.
• SLOWLY open the release valve by
turning the handle counterclockwise,
but never more than 1/2 full turn at a
Warning: Rated capacity of jack stands
is per pair, it is NOT the sum of individual
capacities unless specifically noted to the
contrary by the jack stand manufacturer.
Do Not exceed rated capacity. Ensure
that the vehicle support points are fully
captured between the outer lugs of both
jack stands. Use a matched pair of jack
stands per vehicle to support one end
only. Use 1 pair per vehicle only. Failure
to do so may result in sudden loss of load,
which may cause personal injury and/or
property damage.
Warning: To avoid crushing injuries and
property damage: Keep hands and feet clear
of work area when lowering load.
• Raise load high enough to clear the jack
stands, then carefully remove jack stands
(always used in pairs).
• SLOWLY open the release valve by turning
the handle counterclockwise, but never
more than 1/2 full turn. If the load fails to
• Use another jack to raise the vehicle high
enough to reinstall jack stands.
• Remove the affected jack and then the
• Using the other jack, lower the load by
turning the operating handle counter-
clockwise, but no more than 1/2 full
• After removing jack from under the
load,push saddle down to reduce ram
exposure to rust and contamination.

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