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Digital Switchover - Toshiba 40HL933B Owner's Manual

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When does switchover happen?
*Copeland switches on October 17, 2007
Keep this important
information about
The exact date you
how to re-tune your
switch depends on the
transmitter you are
served by. To check
when you switch,
TV during the
go to Digital UK's
postcode checker on
Check your ITV news
TV switchover
service or look at Teletext
page 106 to see what TV
region you're in.
Television in the UK is going digital, bringing
us all more choice and new services. Starting
in late 2007 and ending in 2012, television
services in the UK will go completely digital, TV
region by TV region.
switches to digital.
organisation leading the process of digital
TV switchover in the UK. Digital UK provides
impartial information on what people need to
do to prepare for the move to digital, and when
they need to do it.
How the switchover affects your TV equipment:
Your new TV has a digital tuner built in, which
means it is ready to receive the Freeview sig-
nal by simply plugging it into your aerial socket
(check if you can get digital TV through your
aerial now, or whether you'll have to wait until
switchover, at
When the TV switchover happens in your area,
there are at least two occasions when you will
need to re-tune your TV in order to continue re-
ceiving your existing TV channels, and also to
pick up new ones, Digital UK, the body leading
the digital TV switchover, will advise you when
you need to re-tune during the switchover.
If you choose to connect your TV to satellite
or cable with a digital box then it will not be
affected by switchover, and you won't need to

Digital Switchover

Keep this important
information about
how to re-tune your
TV during the
TV switchover
How to re-tune:
As new services are broadcast it will be neces-
sary to re-tune the television in order to view
them. Auto tuning will completely retune the
television and can be used to update the chan-
nel list.
You must allow the television to com-
plete the search......
When the search is complete the Auto tuning
screen will display the total number of service
NOTE: Further detailed instructions on Auto
If you are missing channels, it may be that
they are not available in your area, or that your
aerial needs upgrading.
If you have any further questions, please
contact your equipment supplier or call Digital
UK on 08456 50 50 50 or visit www.digitaluk.
Press MENU button on the remote
control unit.
Select Auto tuning option.
A screen will appear warning that previ-
ous digital programmes and settings will
be deleted.
tuning can be found in the TV owners


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