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Cleaning The Filter/ Draining Residual Water - Whirlpool AWE 6517 Instructions For Use Manual

5kg, 1000rpm top loader washing machine awe 6517
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IFU-TL HR Page 9 Friday, November 7, 2008 2:30 PM
The washing machine is provided with a self-cleaning
pump. The filter keeps objects like buttons, coins, safety-
pins etc. which have been left in the laundry.
We recommend to check and clean the filter regularly, at
least two or three times a year.
• if the appliance is not draining properly or if it fails to
perform spin cycles.
• if the "Clean pump" indication lights up.
IMPORTANT: make sure the water has cooled before
draining the appliance.
Residual water must be drained also before transporting
the machine.
1. Unplug the washing machine.
2. Open the filter cover with a coin.
3. Place a bowl beneath it.
4. Turn the filter slowly anti-clockwise until the grip is
vertical; do not remove it as yet.
5. Wait until all the water has drained out.
6. Now unscrew the filter completely and extract it.
7. Clean the filter and the filter chamber.
8. Make sure the pump impeller (in the housing behind
the filter) is not obstructed.
9. Insert the filter again and screw it fully down in a
clockwise direction to the stop (until the grip is
10. Pour approximately one litre of water into the washing
machine via the drum and check that water does not
leak from the filter.
11. Close the filter cover.
12. Reconnect the washing machine.
Black process 45.0° 100.0 LPI
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Table of Contents

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