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Detergents And Additives - Whirlpool AWE 6517 Instructions For Use Manual

5kg, 1000rpm top loader washing machine awe 6517
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Choice of the right detergents and
The type of detergent depends on:
• type of fabric (cottons, easy care/synthetics,
delicate items, wool).
Note: use only specific detergents for wool and
garments made of microfibres (like sports or
• colour;
• washing temperature;
• degree and type of soiling.
• Do not use liquid detergents when activating the
"Start Delay" function (if available on your
• Do not use liquid detergent for the main wash
when activating the "Prewash" option or
selecting a programme with "Prewash" (if
available on your model).
• Whitish residues on dark fabrics are caused by
insoluble detergents components used in
modern phosphate-free powder detergents. If
you notice this problem, shake or brush the
affected items or use liquid detergents.
• Keep detergents and additives in a safe, dry place
out of the reach of children.
• Use only detergents and additives specifically
produced for domestic washing machines.
• If you use descaling agents, dyes or bleaches,
make sure that they are suitable for washing
machine use.
• Descaler could contain components that can
damage parts of your washing machine.
• Do not use solvents (turpentine, benzine, etc.).
• Do not machine wash fabrics that have been
treated with solvents or flammable liquids.
Black process 45.0° 100.0 LPI
Follow the instructions on the detergent pack in
relation to:
• the degree and type of soiling;
• the size of the load;
- full load: follow the detergent manufacturer's
- half load: 3/4 the amount used for a full load;
- minimum load (about 1 kg): half the amount
used for a full load;
• water hardness in your area (ask for information
from your water company): soft water requires
less detergent than hard water.
• Too much detergent can result in excess foam
formation, and the reduction of washing efficiency.If
the washing machine detects excessive foam it
may prevent spinning.
• Insufficient detergent may result in:
grey laundry, deposits on the drum, tub and
• When using concentrated fabric softeners, add
water in the detergents dispenser up to "MAX"
level mark.
• To prevent dispensing problems when using
highly concentrated powder and liquid
detergents, use the special detergent ball or bag
supplied with the detergent and place it inside
the drum.
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Table of Contents

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