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Loading The Laundry - Whirlpool AWE 6517 Instructions For Use Manual

5kg, 1000rpm top loader washing machine awe 6517
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Loading the laundry

1. Open the machine lid by pulling it upwards.
2. Open the drum by pushing the drum flap release
(pictures "1a" or "1b" - depending on the model;
models as shown on "1a" have a fixed drum flap
release which will not compress when pushed).
3. Place the items of laundry into the drum one by one.
Do not exceed the maximum load of the programmes
indicated in the separate programme chart.
- Overloading the machine will result in unsatisfactory
washing results and creased laundry.
- Take care that the laundry does not overhang the
drum; if this is the case, push the laundry down into
the drum so that there is enough free space to close
the drum flaps properly.
- Do not use the flaps to push the laundry into the
4. To close the drum, hold both doors in the middle again
(picture "2").
ATTENTION: make sure that the drum flaps are
properly locked - depending on the model:
- the metal hook must be completely hooked into the
rear door flap - see picture "2a", or
- all metal hooks must be properly hooked inside the
rear door flap, and the button must overlap the edge
of the rear door flap - see picture "2b".
- check that no laundry gets stuck between the flaps,
or between flaps and drum.
Black process 45.0° 100.0 LPI
GB 6

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Table of Contents

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