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Care And Maintenance; Detergent Dispenser - Whirlpool AWE 6517 Instructions For Use Manual

5kg, 1000rpm top loader washing machine awe 6517
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Detergent dispenser

Clean the detergent dispenser regularly, at least three or
four times a year, to prevent detergent build-up:
1. Push in the buttons on each side of the dispenser.
2. Pull the dispenser towards you and remove it.
A small quantity of water can remain in the dispenser. It is
advisable to carry the dispenser in an upright position.
3. Wash the dispenser using running water.
You can also remove the siphon caps in the dispenser for cleaning.
4. Replace the siphon caps in the dispenser (if removed).
Make sure that they lock in place.
5. Replace the dispenser by locating the bottom tabs in the lid
holes and pivot until both of the upper buttons lock.
Note: ensure that the detergent dispenser is correctly
Water inlet hose filter
Check and clean regularly (at least two or three times a year).
1. Unplug the washing machine.
2. Turn off the tap.
3. Unscrew the hose from the tap.
4. Carefully clean the filter located at the end of hose, without
disassembling it, for example with a tooth-brush.
Note: Do not submerge the hose in water.
5. Screw the flexible hose back onto the tap by hand. Do not use
pliers (risk of squashing the joint).
6. Turn on the tap and check that the connections are
7. Plug the washing machine back in.
Water inlet hose
Check the inlet hose regularly for brittleness and cracks and
replace it if necessary using a new hose of the same type.
The inlet hose as shown on picture "A" has a safety valve to
prevent the appliance against uncontrolled water inlet; if the
safety valve inspection window is red, the safety valve has been
activated and the hose must be exchanged. Contact out After-
Sales Service or your specialist dealer to obtain a new inlet hose.
If your inlet hose has a transparent hose coating (fig. "B"),
periodically check the colour of the transparent coating. If the
transparent hose coating turns into an intense red, this is an
indication that the hose may have a leak and should be replaced.
Contact our After-Sales Service team or specialist dealer to
obtain a replacement hose.
Black process 45.0° 100.0 LPI
Safety valve
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Table of Contents

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