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Setting Up The Handset For Use - Siemens Gigaset S67H User Manual

Siemens gigaset s67h: user guide
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First steps

Setting up the handset for use

The display is protected
by a plastic film.
Please remove the
protective film!
Instructions on how to connect the charg-
ing cradle and mount it on the wall (if
required) can be found at the end of this
user guide.
Inserting the batteries
Use only the rechargeable batteries recom-
mended by Gigaset Communications GmbH
(page 26). Never use a conventional (non-
rechargeable) battery or other battery types as
this could result in significant health risks and
personal injury. For example, the batteries
could explode. The phone could also malfunc-
tion or be damaged as a result of using batter-
ies that are not of the recommended type.
*Gigaset Communications GmbH is a trademark
licensee of Siemens AG.
Insert the batteries the right way round
(see figure).
The polarity is indicated in/on the bat-
tery compartment.
Closing the battery cover
First, align the notches on the side of
the battery cover with the protrusions
on the inside of the housing.
Then press the cover until it clicks into
Attaching the belt clip
There are notches for attaching the belt
clip on the side of the handset at the same
height as the display.
Press the belt clip onto the back of the
handset so that the protrusions on the
belt clip engage with the notches.
Opening the battery cover
If fitted, remove the belt clip.
Place your fingertip in the cavity on the
casing and pull the battery cover



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