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Last Number Redial List; Opening Lists With The Message Key; Using A Handset As A Room Monitor - Siemens Gigaset S67H User Manual

Siemens gigaset s67h: user guide
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Using a handset as a room monitor

Viewing missed anniversaries
In idle status, you are reminded of an
elapsed and unacknowledged anniversary
by the one-off display of
View appointment:
Press the display key.
You now have the following options:
Delete reminder.
After deleting, press the dis-
play key
Back in idle status,
no longer displayed.
You can also view missed anniversaries
afterwards (see page 24).

Last number redial list

The last number redial list contains the
20 numbers last dialled with the handset
(max. 32 numbers). If one of the numbers
is in the directory or in the Quick list, the
corresponding name will be displayed.
Manual last number redial
Press the key briefly.
Select entry.
Press the talk key again.
The number is dialled.
When a name is displayed, you can display
the corresponding phone number by
pressing the
display key.
Managing entries in the last number
redial list
Press the key briefly.
Select entry.
Open menu.
The following functions can be selected
with q:
Copy to Directory
Copy an entry to the directory
(page 12).
Automatic Redial
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The selected number is automatically
dialled at fixed intervals (at least every
20 seconds). The handsfree key flashes
and "open listening" is activated.
– Called party answers: press the Talk
key c. The function is ended.
– Called party does not answer: the
call is terminated after approx.
30 seconds. The function is ended
after pressing any key or after ten
unsuccessful attempts.
(as in the directory,
Display Number
page 14)
(as in the directory, page 14)
Delete Entry
Delete List
(as in the directory, page 14)
Opening lists with the
message key
An advisory tone sounds as soon as a new
message arrives in a list. The message key
f flashes (it goes off when the key is
pressed). In idle status, the display shows
an icon for the new message.
If you press the message key f, you
access the lists that contain new mes-
Using a handset as a
room monitor
If the room monitor is activated, a previ-
ously saved destination number is called
as soon as a set noise level is reached. You
can save an internal or external number in
your handset as the destination number.
The room monitor call to an external
number stops after around 90 seconds.
The room monitor call to an internal
number (handset) stops after approx. 3
minutes (depending on the base station).
While the room monitor is activated, all
keys are locked except the end call key.
The handset's speaker is muted.



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