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Sanyo DRW-1000 Quick Start Manual page 2

Sanyo drw-1000: user guide
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Channel Setup
Auto Channel Scan
Follow these instructions to scan for channels if you are using an antenna or basic
cable TV connection.
a Press SETUP.
The Setup menu appears.
b Use
to select the GENERAL option.
v v / V V
c Press
to move to the second level.
d Use
to select the Auto Channel Set option.
v v / V V
e Press
to highlight Start, then press ENTER to begin
the channel search.
The tuner will automatically cycle through all available
channels in the area and place them in the tuner's
NOTE : To add or erase channels from memory, see the
Instruction Manual for details.
DVD Recording Terms
Recordable Discs
Write Once
Discs initialize in "Video Mode" only
Discs must be finalized in order to play on other
DVD players
Discs cannot be "unfinalized"
DVD-RW Recording Formats
Video Mode
Limited editing features
Widely compatible with older DVD players as
well as DVD-RAM recorders
Record Modes
Quality Setting
XP (High Quality)
SP (Standard Quality)
LP (Low Quality)
* Actual record time will vary depending on program content.
Tuning Band
Auto Channel Set
CH. Add/Del
TV Aspect Ratio
Progressive Scan
Factory Setting
Tuning Band
Auto Channel Set
CH. Add/Del
TV Aspect Ratio
Progressive Scan
Factory Setting
Discs initialize in "Video Mode" or "VR Mode"
Discs must be finalized in order to play on most
DVD players
Discs can be "unfinalized"
VR Mode
Extensive editing features (e.g., add chapters,
or combine chapters, etc.)
Compatible with newer DVD players only
Record Time/Disc*
~1 hour/disc
~2 hours/disc
~4 hours/disc
DVD Recording
Step by Step DVD Recording
Follow these steps to make your first DVD Recording.
a Load a recordable DVD-R or DVD-RW into the
disc tray.
• If you are using a blank DVD-R disc, the disc
will initialize automatically in Video Mode.
• If you are using a blank DVD-RW disc, the
"Disc Initialize" menu appears, prompting you
to select a mode.
Use the b / B buttons to select VR Mode or
Video Mode, then press ENTER. Disc initial-
ization may take a few minutes to complete.
b Set the Recording Mode.
• Press REC MODE to set the Record Mode to
XP, SP, or LP.
• The amount of free space on the disc appears
on the on-screen display.
c Set the recording source.
• Use the CH/TRK v / V buttons to select the
channel you want to record.
• If you are recording from a camcorder or other
external device, press INPUT to select AV1
(rear audio/video input), AV2 (front
audio/video input), or DV (front DV IN input).
d Start recording.
• Press REC to start recording.
e Pause/Stop recording.
• Press PAUSE/STILL (X) to pause recording.
Press PAUSE/STILL (X) again or REC (z) to
continue the recording.
• When recording is complete, press STOP (x).
A message appears for a few moments while
the VCR/DVD Recorder stops recording and
adds the new title to the disc menu.
• Press DISC MENU/LIST to view the contents
of your recorded disc.


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