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Setting The Timer; Activating The Timer; Sleep Mode; Sound Features - RCA RS2657 User Manual

5cd audio system
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Table of Contents

Setting the Timer

1. Press and hold TIMER on the remote control
until the ON and clock hour flashes on the
display ( ON - timer on time ).
2. For setting time, press
the hour and then press TIMER to shift to
minute digits.
3. Press
4. Press TIMER to change to OF (timer off time)
with clock time flashing. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for
timer off time setting.
5. Press TIMER to select source. Press
to select between TUNER/DISC/USB.
6. Press TIMER to set volume. Adjust VOLUME
on the main unit or press VOL +/- on the
remote control to select desired volume level.
7. Press TIMER on the remote control to save and
quit settings. The timer is automatically
activated once timer setting is saved.

Activating the Timer

Press and release TIMER to turn on/off the alarm.
The timer icon

Sound Features

Volume Control

Adjust VOLUME on the main unit or press VOL
on the remote control to adjust volume
level. The volume level shows briefly on the
display to show the change in volume level.

Bass Boost

Press BASS BOOST to turn on/off boosting the
bass frequency. The BASS BOOST icon lights on
the display when it is activated.

Muting Audio

MUTE on the remote to cut the
sound. (Remote Only)
to set
to set the minute.
is displayed when timer is

Sleep Mode

You can select the time interval in minutes before
the unit turns off automatically.
Press SLEEP to select among OFF, 120, 90, 60, 45,
30, 15 and 5 minutes.
The SLEEP icon lights on the display when sleep
mode is activated.
View Remaining Sleep Time
When sleep is activated, press SLEEP once to
view remaining sleep time.
Adjust Sleep Time
Press SLEEP again when the remaining sleep time
is displayed to change sleep time.
Sleep is automatically de-activated when
the unit is turned off.

Using Preset Equalizer Curves

Press EQ on the remote control to toggle among
The display shows your selection briefly.
Creating a Custom Curve
1. Press EQ on the remote control to select
CUSTOM mode.
2. While CUSTOM is displayed, press
to cycle among displayed bass- and
treble - range levels.
3. While BAS or TRE is displayed, adjust VOLUME
to set the associated gain between -10 - +10.
4. Press EQ to exit.

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Table of Contents

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