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5cd audio system with mp3 player
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Important Information

Safety Precautions
• Never open the cabinet under any
circumstances. Any repairs or internal
adjustments should be made only by a trained
• Never operate this product with the cabinet
• Do not use your System immediately after
transporting it from a cold place to a warm
place, as condensation may cause the system to
• Keep your unit away from humid areas and
abnormally hot places.
• Do not touch the player with wet hands. If
any liquid enters the player cabinet, take the
player to a trained technician for inspection.
• This compact disc player uses a laser to read
the music on the disc. The laser mechanism
corresponds to the cartridge and stylus of a
record player. Although this product
incorporates a laser pick-up lens, it is
completely safe when operated according to
• Discs rotate at high speed inside the player. Do
not use damaged, warped, or cracked discs.
• Do not touch the pick-up lens which is located
inside the disc compartment. To keep dust
from collecting on the pick-up lens, do not
leave the compartment door open for an
extended period of time. If the lens becomes
dirty, clean it with a soft brush, or use an air
blower brush designed for camera lenses.
• The apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping
or splashing and that no objects filled with
liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the
• Minimum distances around the apparatus for
sufficient ventilation .
• The ventilation should not be impeded by
covering the ventilation opening with items,
such as newspaper,table-cloths,curtains,etc.
• No naked flame sources,such as lighted
candles,should be placed on the apparatus.
• Attention should be drawn to the
environmental aspects of battery disposal .
Precautions for the mp3 Player
• Do not use the unit immediately after
transportation from a cold place to a warm
place; condensation problem may result.
• Do not store the unit near fire, places with
high temperature or in direct sunlight.
• Do not operate or store unit in places with
frequent static electricity or electrical noise
(e.g. speaker, TV set).
• Clean the unit with a soft cloth or a damp
chamois leather. Never use solvents.
• The unit must only be opened by qualified
This unit may temporarily cease to function
if subjected to electrostatic disturbance.
To resume normal operation, it may be
necessary to cycle the power off and back
on or to remove and reinstall the batteries.
Important Information
Important Battery Information
• Remove the batteries to avoid leakage if you
do not use your remote control for more than
one month.
• Discard leaky batteries immediately as leaking
batteries may cause skin burns or other
personal injuries. Dispose of batteries in the
proper manner, according to provincial and
local regulations.
• Any battery may leak electrolyte under the
following circumstances:
- if mixed with a different battery type,
- if inserted incorrectly,
- if all batteries are not replaced at the same
- if disposed of in fire, or
- if an attempt is made to charge a battery not
intended to be recharged.
Headset Safety
• Do not play your headset at high volume.
Hearing experts warn against extended high-
volume play.
• If you experience ringing in your ears, reduce
volume or discontinue use.
• You should use with extreme caution or
temporarily discontinue use in potentially
hazardous situations.
Even if your headset is an open-air designed to
let you to hear outside sounds, do not turn up
the volume so high that you are unable to
hear what is around you.
Caution While Driving
Use of headphones while operating an
automobile or moving vehicle is not
recommended and is unlawful in some states and
areas. Be careful and attentive on the road. Stop
operation of the unit if you find it disruptive or
distracting while driving.
Please Respect the Environment!
Before throwing any batteries away, consult your
distributor who may be able to take them back
for specific recycling.
Care of Memory Card
(Not Included)
• Do not touch the golden electrodes.
• Use a soft dry cloth to clean any dirt.
• Do not bend Memory Cards.
• Do not operate or store the MultiMediaCards
in places with frequent static electricity or
electrical noise (e.g. speaker, TV set). Recorded
data may be damaged.
• It is normal for Memory Card to get warm after
being used for a long time.
• Always put it in storage case after removing
from the unit.
• Do not store Memory Card near fire, places
with high temperature/ humidity or in direct
Don't Infringe
This product should only be used for the purposes
for which it is sold, that is, entertainment,
violating no copyright law. Any attempts to use
this product for which it is not intended is
unlawful and therefore not condoned by


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