Troubleshooting - Yamaha KX-690 Owner's Manual

Natural sound stereo cassette deck
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If your cassette deck fails to operate normally, check the following table. It lists common operating errors and simple
measures which you can take to correct the problem. If it cannot be corrected, or the symptom is not listed, disconnect
the deck's power cord and contact your authorized YAMAHA dealer or a authorized service center for help.
Tape doesn't move in recording or
REC/PAUSE button fails to function.
Sounds become faint and sometimes
Recorded sound is distorted.
Tape is playing back, but no sound is
Excessive noise.
Excessive wow (wavering of the
Tape stops in the middle of recording
or playback.
Fails to record.
Search does not operate.
High frequencies in the playback
sound are emphasized and unpleasant
to listen to, and noise level (hiss) is
also high.


÷ Power plug is not properly plugged in.
÷ End of tape.
÷ Cassette shell is warped or damaged.
÷ No cassette tape loaded.
÷ Protective tabs are broken off.
÷ Head is dirty.
÷ Head is magnetized.
÷ Tape is damaged or of poor quality.
÷ Tape is bad (stretched or deformed,
÷ Cassette shell is warped.
÷ Recording level is too high.
÷ Faulty connection between deck and
stereo amplifier/receiver.
÷ Head is dirty.
÷ Head is magnetized.
÷ Worn out or poor quality tape.
÷ Connection(s) improperly made.
÷ Affected by external electrical noise.
÷ Dirty capstan, pinch roller, etc., or poor
÷ Tape is wound unevenly.
÷ Slack tape, or tape spillage wound
around capstan.
÷ REC LEVEL control is set to too low.
÷ Protective tabs are broken off.
÷ Recorded section is too short.
÷ Recorded section has low-level portions.
÷ Conversation, etc. has been recorded.
÷ Dolby NR-recorded tape is played back
in OFF position.
÷ Reinsert plug properly.
÷ Rewind tape or flip it over.
÷ Do not play damaged tapes.
÷ Load a cassette tape.
÷ Change tape or cover protective hole
with adhesive tape.
÷ Clean head.
÷ Demagnetize head using head
÷ Change to a different tape.
÷ Replace with a fresh tape.
÷ A warped cassette shell cannot be
fixed. Replace with another tape and
÷ Check input level with signal level
meter and use lower rec level when
÷ Check and secure connections.
÷ Clean head.
÷ Demagnetize head with head
÷ Change to better tape.
÷ Check input and output connections
and reinsert properly.
÷ Move away from electrical appliances
(TV, fluorescent light, electric blanket,
÷ Clean capstan and pinch roller, or
change to better tape.
÷ Rewind tape.
÷ Insert pencil in hole in cassette shell
and turn to take up slack.
÷ Adjust REC LEVEL control.
÷ Change tape or cover protective hole
with adhesive tape.
÷ Blank sections must be at least 4
seconds long.
÷ No remedy
÷ No remedy
÷ Play back in appropriate Dolby NR


Table of Contents

Table of Contents