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Pioneer CDX-FM1287 Operation Manual: Display Shows This Message

6-disc/12-disc universal multi-cd system.
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Display shows this message

Take action according
to the chart below.
Check discs and magazine
once more.
No MAGAZINE (appears)
No MAGAZINE (flashes for 5 seconds)
Err 11, Err 12, Err 14, Err 17
Err 30
Err 11, Err 14
Err 14
Err 44
Err 10, Err 11, Err 12, Err 14, Err 17
Err 19, Err 30, Err 50, Err 60, Err 70
Err A0, Err A1
If it still doesn't work
after checking.
Press the CD player's Clear
button. (See Page 24.)
Removing the magazine from the CD player
during CD play.
Power was turned on while the magazine
was not loaded in the CD player.
The CD player is warming up.
Dirt or a scratch on the disc stops the laser
beam from being able to focus.
Dirt or a scratch on the disc hinders the track
number search function.
The disc has been inserted upside down.
An unrecorded compact disc (CD-R), which
can be recorded on once is being used.
All tracks are setting track skip.
There is no disc in the magazine.
Electrical or mechanical system fault.
If it still doesn't work.
Read "After-sales service
for Pioneer products" and
request servicing.
To use this system, load the magazine into
the CD player and then turn on the power.
Turn on the power after loading the maga-
zine into the CD player.
Please wait a few moments.
Wipe off the dirt. Exchange the disc if it has
been scratched. (See Page 24.)
Confirm that the disc has been inserted right
side down. (See Page 6.)
When you use a CD-R, load one that has
been recorded on.
Replace the disc.
Load a disc into the magazine. (See Page 6.)
Turn the car ignition switch off and on
again, or press power ON/OFF button on the
display unit, and start the CD playing again.


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