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Arrange The Camera Number By Moving/Deleting The Camera Icon; Move A Camera Icon - Panasonic WJ-ND300 Network Setup Manual

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Arrange the camera number by moving/deleting the camera icon

The camera numbers will be assigned to each camera channel of the recorder in order of the camera icons dis-
played in the tree display area.
The camera numbers can be changed by changing the order of the icons in the tree display area.
By deleting the icons of the cameras from the tree display area, the deleted camera will not be registered. It will be
useful to prevent registering unwanted cameras.

Move a camera icon

Screenshot 1
Start operation when the search result is displayed on
the main window.
Screenshot 2
The camera icon will be moved.
Step 1
Drag the desired camera icon and drop to the desired
point. (Dropped between 6 and 7 on screenshot 2.)
Moving and copying the icon is unavailable when the
respective camera is registered with the host name.
When multiple recorder icons are displayed, the
camera icon can be copied onto the other recorder
by drag and drop.


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