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Warranty Card - Huawei HoloSens Quick Start Manual

Fixed dome software-defined camera (flat dome, rst)
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Web Operations/ Web 操作
Logging In to the Web Client/ 登录 Web 客户端
Open Internet Explorer, enter the camera IP address, and press Enter. The IP address can be set automatically
via DHCP, or a static IP address can be used (default: To directly log in to the camera using a
computer, ensure that the computer is on the same network segment as the camera. When a DHCP server
exists in the network, an IP address is automatically allocated to the camera.
当通过 PC 机直连访问摄像机时,请保证 PC 机 IP 地址和摄像机 IP 地址在同一网段 。在 Internet Explorer 地址栏里输入
摄像机的 IP 地址,IP 地址可以手动进行设置(默认为,按"Enter"键。当网络中有 DHCP 服务器时 ,
设备可以通过 DHCP 服务器自动获取 IP 地址。
NOTE/ 说明
• Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 10-11, Google Chrome 38 and later versions, and Mozilla Firefox
35-51. Google Chrome 45 and later versions require installation of Internet Explorer Tab plug-in.
支持的浏览器:Internet Explorer 10/11、Google Chrome 38及以上版本、Mozilla Firefox 35~51版本。其中
Google Chrome 45及版本以上需要安装Internet Explorer tab插件。
• When using HTTPS to access a camera, you must enable TLS 1.1 or TLS 1.2. Otherwise, the camera web
page cannot be displayed.
使用HTTPS协议访问摄像机时需要启用TLS 1.1或TLS 1.2,否则无法打开摄像机web页面。
• Please open the web browser on your PC as the administrator.
Enter the user name (admin) and password. For the first login, set the password as prompted.
Click Log In.
Network Settings/ 配置基本网络参数
Log in to the web client as the admin user.
以管理员登录 Web 客户端。
Choose Settings > Network.
选择"高级配置 > 网络"。
Set the network parameters as planned. For details about how to set basic network parameters, see the
Configuration Guide .
FAQ/ 常见问题处理
Q:After you enter the SDC IP address in the address box and press Enter, the Internet Explorer displays "There is
a problem with this website's security certificate."
A:Click "Continue to this website (not recommended)" to continue browsing this website. Then install the root
certificate or upload your own certificate. For details, see Configuration Guide.
问:在 IE 浏览器中输入设备 IP 地址后,网页显示"此网站的安全证书有问题"?
答:单击"继续浏览此网站(不推荐)",继续访问设备 Web 页面 , 然后安装根证书或上传用户自己的证书文件,具体操作
Q:After the root certificate has been downloaded and installed, Internet Explorer still displays "There
is a problem with this website's security certificate" and after I click "Continue to this website (not
recommended)", the address bar still displays "certificate error".
A:Choose Settings > System Configuration > Configuration Management , upload a valid certificate and
restart the browser.
问:根证书下载安装完成后,IE 仍提示"此网站的安全证书有问题",单击"继续浏览此网站(不推荐)"进入登录页面后,
答:选择"配置 > 系统配置 > 配置管理",上传用户自己的合法证书,完成后重新启动浏览器。

Warranty Card

Thank you for choosing products of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (Huawei). To be entitled for warranty service for
the product, please read the following warranty statements carefully.
1. Warranty Period
Unless otherwise stated specifically by Huawei, the following periods apply:
You are entitled a free warranty service of at least 12 months for the camera you purchased from Huawei. The specific
warranty duration is subject to the sales contract.
The start date of the warranty:
The warranty starts on the 90th day after the date of the product shipment from Huawei, or the date of receiving
service request, whichever is earlier.
1. If there is any conflict with contract terms and conditions, the contract terms and conditions shall prevail.
2. When you purchase a product from Huawei, please confirm the date when the product will be shipped from Huawei,
and check other warranty-related information.
3. For expansion and replacement parts, you are entitled to either of the following warranties (whichever is longer):
(1) A 90-day warranty starting from the date the replacement parts are shipped
(2) The remaining warranty of the original equipment
4. Warranty service is provided for the lithium battery modules for the S series switches, but the terms related to
hardware warranty service response time in the Enterprise Warranty Policy do not apply to the lithium battery
2. Service Guidelines
This warranty card entitles you to free warranty service within the warranty period.
Technical Support: Visit, click Contact Us at the upper right corner of the page, and select your
country to obtain contact information of Huawei local office.
TAC Support: Visit
and choose Contact Us > Service Hotline to find the service hotline available
in your country.
Complete the form below and keep for ready reference:
Product supplier:
Supplier telephone number:
Product serial number:



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