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Panasonic Toughbook CF-U1AQB1G2M Reference Manual page 8

Panasonic toughbook cf-u1aqb1g2m: reference guide
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Table of Contents
Key Combinations
Setting Ctrl, Alt
When you press Ctrl, Alt
Use this when pressing difficult key combinations.
icon on the notification area.
Setting Sticky Key function
To enable this function
Add a check mark for [Enable Sticky Key Function].
To disable this function
Remove the check mark for [Enable Sticky Key Function].
Ctrl, Alt
Press once: The key is locked. Press another key to release the lock.
Press twice: The key is locked. The lock cannot be released even if you press another key.
Press 3 times: The lock is released.
• The indicator next to each key lights up while each key is locked. (except for Windows key)
• An illustration is displayed on the notification area as below.
: A locked key icon is highlighted.
(The illustration shows
You can have different settings for each user.
When Sticky key is active:
The start menu is not displayed by pressing
When Sticky key is not active:
After pressing Ctrl + Alt + Fn +
the original display is returned.
For Numeric keyboard model, use a USB keyboard or software keyboard.
For Numeric keyboard model :
, Shift
keys and Windows key operations
(Windows), the key is locked (pressed-down) until you press another key.
(Windows) keys operations when Sticky key function is enabled
key is locked).
, the indicator next to Ctrl and Alt
(Windows) key once. Press 3 times to display the menu. (Windows
remains lit. The light goes off when


Table of Contents

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