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Panasonic Toughbook CF-30CTQCXBM Reference Manual Page 58

Panasonic toughbook cf-30ctqcxbm: reference guide.
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Fingerprint Reader
Starting Over
If the specific solutions for your problem in Fingerprint Reader (
the last measure and start over. However, please note that you can lose your data - passwords, secret keys and fingerprints.
Log on to Windows as an Administrator.
• You can always access the computer by using your Windows log on password.
In convenient mode, any user can access the computer by using the Windows log on password.
Try to export your passport to a file if you are planning to use your passwords, secret keys or enrolled fingers in the
• If you exported your passport recently, this step is not required.
• If biometrics authorization works and your finger is recognized, use [Import or Export User Data] wizard, swipe your
finger and continue according to wizard's instructions.
• If biometrics authorization works, but your finger is not recognized, you can start the [Import or Export User Data]
wizard and export the passport even without using your fingerprint. You need to cancel fingerprint dialog, and you
will be prompted for a password. If you do not use [Advanced Security], enter your Windows log on password.
Otherwise, enter your [Advanced Security] backup password.
If you used [Advanced Security] without a backup password. There is no way to backup your data.
• If biometrics authorization does not work, there is no way to backup your data.
Deleting the passport.
• Use the [Delete] wizard. Please note that all your stored secret data (passwords, [File Safe] encryption keys) will be
lost. If you backed up the data, you can restore it in the next step; otherwise it will be lost permanently. To perform
the delete operation it is necessary to cancel the fingerprint verification operation to get to the password dialog,
then enter your Windows log on password or backup password.
Make sure your fingerprint sensor is working.
• Use the Tutorial wizard to verify that the fingerprint sensor works. If not, reboot and try again. If it still does not work,
please contact Panasonic Technical Support.
Restore or create passport.
• If you have a backup of your data, you can now use [Import or Export User Data] wizard to restore your data.
Otherwise you can create a new passport by using the [Enroll or Edit Fingerprints] wizard.
106) do not work, you can use these instructions as


Table of Contents

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