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Wired controller
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User Instructions

Please carefully read this manual before installation and use of this product.
● Do not install or remove the wired controller by yourself. If necessary, please contact the
after- sales serviceman.
● Do not install the wired controller in the humid area or under direct sunlight.
● Do not beat, toss, or frequently assemble/disassemble the wired controller.
● Do not operate the wired controller with wet hands.
● This wired controller is applicable to various kinds of air conditioners, while some specific
functions unavailable to the duct type air conditioners will not be covered in this manual.


1.Installation Place and Installation Requirements

● Do not install the wired controller in the humid area or under direct sunlight
● Do not install the wired controller close to the high-temperature object or place where is
easy to splash on the wired controller.
● Do not install the wired controller directly opposite to the window so as to avoid improper
operation caused by the interference of the neighbor's same model wired controller.
● Please cut off the power supply of wires embedded in the wall. No operation is allowed
with electricity.
● To avoid abnormal operation caused by electromagnetic interference or other causes,
please take notice of the following statements during wiring.
1. Be sure the communication line is wired into the correct port, otherwise it would lead to
communication fault.
2. The communication line (wired controller) and power line must be separated with the
minimal distance of 20cm, otherwise it would lead to communication fault.
3. If the air conditioner is installed where is easy to suffer electromagnetic interference,
the communication line of the wired controller must be shielded twisted pair.

2. Installation of the Signal Wire

1. Open the indoor unit electric box cover.
2. Make the signal line go through the rubber band
3. Insert the signal wire port in the 4-seat needle which on the indoor unit circuit board.
4. Tightly fix the signal wire with wire ties.
The communication distance between main board and wired controller can reach 20m.
(The recommended length is 8m)


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents