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Operation Instruction

Quiet Function Setting

In Auto/Cooling/Dehumidification/Fan/Heating mode,press"
Turbo function,After that press "
case ,the LED display "
● When turn on Quiet function, the fan speed strip will not change.
● Switch to other mode and adjust the fan speed will both exit the Quiet function automatically.
● Can not turn on "Turbo" and "Quiet" function in the same time.
In Auto/Cooling/Dehumidification/
Fan/Heating mode

ECO Function Setting

ECO function can make the air conditioner runs in a smaller temperature range by setting
limited value of setting temperature in the Cooling or heating mode to achieve energy saving.
In Cooling/Dehumidification/Heating mode, press "
limited temperature setting function, "
" / "
" button to set cooling(heating) limited setting temperature, then press "
button to turn on/off this function.
The initial min. limited cooling setting temperature is 26°C(79°F), the initial heating max.
limited heating setting temperature is 22°C(72°F).
"button at the same time for 3s to Quiet function ,In this
"and "
".Then press "
" and ("
"button for 3s to switch the
"button to turn off the function.
" button switch to the
Quiet function
" button to switch to ECO
")icon blinking, press


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents