Turbo Function Setting; Sleep Function Setting - Pioneer ADSA1 Manual

Wired controller
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Operation Instruction

Turbo Function Setting

In Cooling/Heating/Fan mode, press "
case, the LED display "
time for 3s to quiet function. then press "
● When turn on Turbo function, the fan speed strip will not change.
● Switch to other mode and adjust the fan speed will both exit the Turbo function automatically.
● Can not turn on "Turbo" and "Quiet" function in the same time.
● There has no Turbo function in Dehumidification/Auto mode.
In Cooling/Heating/Fan mode

Sleep Function Setting

In Cooling/Heating/Dehumidification mode, press "
selection mode, press"
blinking, then press "
In Cooling/Heating/
Dehumidification mode
"button for 3s to switch the Turbo function, In this
" and"
" button to switch the Sleep function, "
" button to turn on/off the function.
Press "
" button switch to
the Sleep function, "
". After that, press "
" button to turn off the function.
the Turbo function
"button to access the function
" icon
" button at the same
" button switch to
" button to
Press "
turn on/off the function


Table of Contents

Table of Contents