Timer Setting - Pioneer ADSA1 Manual

Wired controller
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Operation Instruction

Timer Setting

In on-state, press "
button for 3s to set turn on time. Timer range: 0.5-24h
Notice: The min gap of time display is 0.5h, less than 0.5h will display 0.5h.
● Timer Setting:
Press "
" button, "SET" icon displayed, then press "
after that, press the "
setting complete.
● Cancel Timer Setting:
After Timer is set, press "
Press "
" button, "SET"
" button for 3s to set turn off time; in off-state, press "
" button again to make a confirmation ( "SET"
" button, "SET" icon and timer time disappear, setting canceled.
Press "
" / "
the time
" / "
" to adjust
" to adjust the time,
Press the "
" button to
complete the setting
Press "
" button cancel
the timer setting


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents