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Performing A Hard Reset - Palm m500 Series Getting Started

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The stylus that comes with your handheld has a reset tip
inside. To use it, unscrew the metal barrel from the stylus

Performing a hard reset

Important: With a hard reset, all records and entries stored in your
handheld are erased. Never perform a hard reset unless a
soft reset does not solve your problem. You can restore
any data previously synchronized with your computer
during the next HotSync operation.
1. Hold down the power button on the front panel of your handheld.
2. While holding down the power button, use the reset tip tool, or the
tip of an unfolded paper clip (or similar object without a sharp tip)
to gently press and release the reset button.
3. Wait for the Palm™ logo to appear and release the power button.
4. When a message appears warning that you are about to erase all
the data stored on your handheld, do one of the following:
Press the upper scroll button on the front panel of the handheld
to complete the hard reset and display the Digitizer screen.
Press any other button to perform a soft reset.
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