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Epson Stylus Photo User Manual: Only The P Power Light Is On, But Nothing Prints; The S Paper Out Light Is Flashing Or On

C209011 ink jet printer.
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Only the
power light is on, but nothing prints
Possible cause
The interface cable is not
connected securely.
The printer has an internal
Your printer software or
application software is
installed incorrectly.
Your computer doesn't
have enough memory to
handle the data in the file
you are printing.
Printing is stalled in Spool
Manager (Windows).
Your printer can't use the
modem port (Macintosh)
Printing is stalled in
Monitor2 (Macintosh).
The print heads are clogged
or the ink cartridges are too
paper out light is flashing or on
Possible cause
If flashing, paper is
If on, paper is used up or
loaded incorrectly.
Turn off your printer and computer. Then make sure the cable is
connected securely and meets the printer's specifications. (Use a
fully shielded parallel cable on a PC or a Macintosh serial cable.)
Turn off the printer and computer, disconnect the interface cable,
and run a printer check as described on page 6-2.
If you ran a printer check successfully, make sure your printer and
application software are installed correctly. If you're printing on a
Windows 95 network, you may need to set up your printer for
network printing, as described in Chapter 4.
Try one of the following:
Reduce the resolution of your image.
Select fewer colors or a lower resolution for your monitor.
Add more memory to your computer.
Delete the stalled print jobs in Spool Manager and resume printing;
see Chapter 4 for instructions.
If your Macintosh has a built-in modem, connect the printer to the
printer port.
Open the Extensions folder, EPSON folder, and Spool folder. Then
delete any queued files.
If the printer sounds like it's trying to print but doesn't feed paper,
clean the print heads; see Chapter 5 for instructions. If cleaning
doesn't help, replace the cartridges. For information on cartridge
life and replacement instructions, see Chapter 5.
Remove the paper and follow the guidelines for preventing jams
on page 6-12.
Load paper or remove the stack and reload it as described in the
Quick Setup guide or Chapter 3. Then press the E load/eject button
to turn off the light and resume printing.


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