Water Dispenser - Electrolux EI23BC56IS Use & Care Manual

French door bottom freezer/refrigerator
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Temperatures Are Too Warm (continued)
Potential Cause
Refrigerator temperature
• Refrigerator control is set too warm.
is too warm. Freezer
temperature is
• Temperature control is set too warm.
Temperature in the Cool
Zone Drawer or Perfect
Drawer is too
warm (select models).

Water Dispenser

Potential Cause
Dispenser will not dispense
• Water supply is not connected.
• Household water line valve is not open.
• Ice & water filter cartridge is clogged.
Water has an odd taste
• Water has been in the tank for a period of time.
and/or odor.
• Unit not properly connected to cold water line.
• Tubing used in the household water supply and
installation may affect water taste and odor.
• Water has a high mineral content.
Water pressure is
• Cut-off and cut-on pressures are too low (well
extremely low.
systems only).
• Reverse osmosis system is in regenerative phase.
Water/Moisture/Frost Inside Refrigerator
Potential Cause
Moisture collects on
• Weather is hot and humid.
inside of refrigerator
• Door is slightly open.
• Door is opened too often or too long.
• Open containers.
Water collects on bottom
• Vegetables contain and give off moisture.
side of drawer cover.
• Washed vegetables and fruit drain while in
Moisture collects in
bottom of drawer.
the drawer.
• Fruits and vegetables are kept past their
Moisture collects on
• Weather is humid.
outside of refrigerator or
between doors.
• Door is slightly open, causing cold air from
inside refrigerator to meet warm air from
Solutions to Common Problems
Common Solution
• Set refrigerator control to a colder setting. Allow 24
hours for temperature to stabilize.
• Adjust temperature control to a colder setting.
Common Solution
• Connect water supply (see Connecting The Water Supply
• Open household water line valve. See Problem section Ice
Maker Is Not Making Ice.
• Replace filter cartridge being sure to remove protective caps.
• Draw and discard 10-12 glasses of water to freshen the
supply and completely rinse out the tank.
• Connect unit to cold water line that supplies water to the
kitchen faucet.
• For best results, use copper tubing for water connections.
• Contact water treatment plant for help in checking water
supply source.
• Have someone turn up the cut-off and cut-on pressure on
the water pump system (well systems only).
• It is normal for a reverse osmosis system to be below 20 psi
during the regenerative phase.
Common Solution
• The rate of frost buildup and internal sweating
• See Problem section, Opening/Closing of Doors/
• Open door less often to allow internal temperature to
• Keep containers covered.
• Moisture on the bottom side of the cover is not unusual.
• Move humidity control (select models) to lower setting.
• Dry items before putting them in the drawer. Water
collecting in bottom of drawer is normal.
• Routinely clean out old fruits and vegetables especially if
they begin to break down.
• This is normal in humid weather. When humidity is
lower, the moisture should disappear.
• See Problem section, Opening/Closing of Doors/

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents