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Nokia HSU-4 Installation Manual page 5

Nokia hsu-4 car handset: installation guide
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■ Making a call using the keypad
You can also make a call by keying in a phone number:
• In the standby display, key in the desired phone number by pressing
the number keys
• If you have keyed in the number incorrectly, press
• To call the number shown on the display, press
■ Searching for names and numbers
You can access the list of names and phone numbers quickly from the
standby display:
• Scroll with
to select it.
You can now view all the names stored in your contacts list which
start with the letter selected. They are listed in alphabetical order.
• Scroll with
• To make a call to this person, press
• To end the call, press
■ Adding a name and a phone number
Names and phone numbers are stored in the phone book. You can add a
name and the related number to the contacts entries starting from the
standby display:
• Select the
• Scroll with
• Key in the name with the alphanumeric keys and press
• Key in the corresponding number and press
• To erase a character incorrectly selected, press
2004 Nokia. All rights reserved.
to the first letter of the desired name and press
to the desired name in the list.
menu and press
Add contact
and press
to delete it.
to open the list of
to select this
to save it.
to save



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