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Symbol Input; Text Edit - NEC e606 Product Manual

Nec e606: user guide.
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Symbol Input

By pressing the # key in the Multitap Text Input mode, the T9® Text Input mode, or the Numeric Input mode,
the symbol mode will be turned on. Select the symbol by using the Up, Down, Left, or Right key.
Start the message function
Set Multitap Text (ABC) Input Mode
or T9® Text Input Mode
Change to Symbol Input Mode
Select symbol

Text edit

When you edit text entered in the contacts or messages, you can use the copy, cut, paste and clear functions
in the text input mode as shown below:
To Enter a Space
To enter a space in the text in the Multitap Text Input mode or the T9® Text Input mode, press the 0 key
To Insert a New Line
To insert a new line in the text, move the cursor to the inserting point of the new line, press the SK2
(Submenu) key, then select New Line.
To Change to Shift/Caps Mode
To change to Shift/Caps mode, press the Q key in the Multitap Text Input mode or the T9® Text Input mode.
Press the Q key once to set the Shift mode, then type the character you want to capitalise. Press the Q key
twice to set the Caps lock mode, then type the text you want to capitalise. To reset the Caps lock mode,
press the Q key.
Do this
Press the SK1 (Message) key, or press the MENU key and
select Message. Select Create Message, select Text
Message, and then select Message. (Refer to Message on
page 63 for details.)
Press the SK2 (Submenu) key and select ABC or T9.
Press the # key. The display shows symbols.
Highlight the symbol which you want by using the Up, Down,
Left, or Right key and press the SK1 (Select) or Enter key.
The display returns to the previous text input mode.
Text Entry


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