Preface - Siemens 6XV1875-5AH10 System Manual

Industrial wireless lan passive network components iwlan
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Purpose of the system manual
This manual explains the entire IWLAN cabling that you require for your IWLAN application. For a
flexible combination and installation of the individual IWLAN components both indoors and
outdoors, a wide ranging selection of compatible coaxial accessories is available. The manual
also covers connecting cables as well as a variety of plug-in connectors, lightning protectors, a
power splitter and an attenuator.
Figure 1-1
The products and systems listed in this document are manufactured and marketed using a
quality management system complying with DIN ISO 9001 (Certificate Register no. 2613) and
certified by DQS. The DQS certificate is recognized in all IQNet countries (reg. no.: 2613).
Security information
Siemens provides products and solutions with industrial security functions that support the
secure operation of plants, systems, machines and networks.
Passive network components IWLAN
System Manual, 08/2021, C79000-G8976-C282-08
IWLAN product overview


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents