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Industrial wireless lan passive network components iwlan
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HF angle adapter
HF angle adapter
90° angle adapter with R-SMA male /R-SMA female connectors

Area of application

Flexible connecting cables
• The flexible IWLAN RCoax/antenna connecting cables are required for connecting RCoax
segments or antennas to active devices.
• The cables provide low attenuation so that the quality of the wireless signal is only minimally
• The antenna cables are flame retardant, chemical resistant and silicone-free.
Terminating resistors
• To avoid impairing wireless quality, terminating resistors are required to close unused
antenna connectors on the access points and clients.
• RCoax segments must be terminated at the end with a terminating resistor.
Lightning protectors
When using separate antennas outdoors, there is a risk of lightning strikes. To protect the
equipment, a lightning protector can be used.
Panel feedthroughs
The panel feedthroughs along with the antenna connecting cables allow simple connection of
separately installed antennas and the active components installed in cabinets or cubicles.
The 10 dB attenuator is always used when the transmitted power both in the send and receive
direction needs to be reduced. Typical areas of application are short RCoax segments or
directional wireless links that need to be restricted in terms of spread.
Power splitter
With the aid of the power splitter, the transmit power of an access point is distributed over two
RCoax or antenna segments. This allows wireless coverage in two different areas with only one
access point.
Passive network components IWLAN
System Manual, 08/2021, C79000-G8976-C282-08
Product overview
2.1 Cabling technique


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents