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Control Panel; Status Light - Mitsubishi Electric WD-60737 Owner's Manual

C9 series 737 series 837 series home theater television.
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TV Controls, continued
TV Control Panel
Buttons on the control panel duplicate some keys on
the remote control.
upper labels when no TV menus are dis-
Refer to
Refer to
lower labels when using TV menus or after
activating a special function.
737 and C9 series.
Flip open cover to
use buttons on the
front panel.
Controls on 737 and C9 series TVs. 837 series controls
are similar and are located next to the STATUS indicator.


LED Color TV Condition
TV is powered off. Normal operation.
TV is powered on. Normal operation.
TV powered off, auto-on TV Timer is set.
Normal operation. TV can be turned on at any time.
TV just powered off and lamp is cooling.
Sixty seconds after turning off TV, LED will start to blink. TV can be turned back on before blinking
starts or after blinking stops, but not while the indicator is blinking. Normal operation.
TV is too hot. The TV will display a warning message and shut off if it overheats.
• Ambient room temperature may be too high. Turn off the TV and let the room temperature drop.
• Clear blocked air vents. Ensure at least a four-inch clearance on all sides of the TV.
• Clean the lamp-cartridge air filter. See "Lamp-Cartridge Filter Cleaning," page 71.
Lamp access door is not secure or no lamp installed.
TV will not operate until lamp access door is secured. See Appendix D.
Lamp failure. Replace the lamp. See Appendix D.
TV may require service.
Turn off the TV and unplug the set from the AC power source. Wait one minute and then plug the set
back in.
If the red LED is still on, contact your dealer or a Mitsubishi Authorized Service Center. Go to or call 1-800-332-2119 to receive Authorized Service Center information.
Steady On
1. Basic Setup and Operation
System Reset
If the TV fails to respond to the remote control, the
control-panel buttons, or will not power on/off, perform
System Reset. Recent setting changes made before
using System Reset may be lost.
To perform System Reset, press and hold the POWER
button on the control panel for ten seconds.
Panel-Lock Release
release the Panel Lock using the TV control
panel, press and hold the ACTIVITY button on the
control panel for ten seconds. If the TV is off, press
the POWER button to have it power on.
To activate the Panel Lock, use the
page 44.
If You Power Off the TV by Mistake
1. Press POWER again, within about 60 seconds, to
have the TV come back on immediately.
2. If the status indicator starts rapidly blinking
green (about 60 seconds after you shut off
power), wait a few moments for the status indi-
cator to stop blinking and press POWER to turn
the TV on again.
Slow Blinking
Fast Blinking
Lock menu,


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