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Mitsubishi Electric WD-60737 Owner's Manual Page 75

C9 series 737 series 837 series home theater television.
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Appendix E: Troubleshooting, continued
General TV Operation
A fan is running even while the TV is powered
The fan gets louder after the TV is shut off.
The TV remote control does not work.
When I try to use the remote control, the
POWER key blinks five times.
TV does not respond to the remote control or
to control-panel buttons and TV will not power
on or off.
When a device is selected from the Activity
menu, the screen is blue or black (no signal
You have forgotten your Lock menu pass code.
Rating restrictions are not working.
On-screen displays appear each time you
change a function.
10. A warning message appeared on screen
stating, "TV will shut down in a few seconds.
Please check if the air flow is blocked."
11. I have turned on CEC for my HDMI devices but
control is erratic and I wish to disable it.
The room is too warm. When the TV is off, internal components
continue to draw power and must be cooled by the fan.
Normal operation. The fan speeds up to cool the lamp quickly
after the TV has been shut off.
Check that the batteries are fresh and installed correctly.
Check that the control mode on the remote is set to TV.
Be no more than 20 feet from the TV when using the remote control.
Program the remote control to operate the TV or other device.
Reset the remote control.
Replace the batteries.
Unplug the AC power cord for 10 seconds.
Press and hold the POWER button on the control panel to
perform system reset.
Make sure the selected device is turned on.
Begin play of the device.
See "Bypassing the Parental Lock", Appendix B.
Open the Lock > Parental Lock menu and:
Verify that the ratings locks are active.
Check the Lock Time/Unlock Time to check if rating restric-
tions are disabled.
Rating restrictions apply only to content on the ANT input.
Normal TV operation.
• Internal TV temperature has exceeded proper levels. Cool
the room.
• The TV has overheated. Clear blocked air vents and ensure
at least four inches of clearance on all sides of the TV.
• Clean the air filter on the lamp cartridge.
turn off the TV's HDMI control for the specific device.
Open the Inputs > HDMI Control menu, select the device,
select Off.
Disable CEC on the device itself. See the device's instruc-
If the problem persists, do the following:
Disconnect the device from the TV.
Open the Inputs > Name menu and select Delete for the
Reconnect the device to the TV and Auto Input Sensing
will recognize the device with CEC disabled.


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